Accident perpetrator cycles drunk back to the scene of the crime

Two accidents occurred in the district of forchheim during the course of saturday, the cause of which is to be attributed to excessive alcohol influence.

This morning on the B 470 near weilersbach, a witness saw a citroen in front of her veer off the road to the right and hit a delineator post. Although the vehicle lost its right wing mirror, the driver continued his journey in the direction of forchheim.

Due to this message, the vehicle could be placed by officers of the forchheim police on the adenauerallee. It turned out that the driver was clearly under the influence of alcohol, with a blood alcohol level of around 1.16 per mille.

A few hours later, the police in forchheim received another message from an alert witness in the early afternoon, according to which a black opel had knocked down a traffic sign at the traffic circle near neuses and then drove away in the direction of eggolsheim. Since the car had lost one of its license plates in the collision, however, and the alleged cause of the accident returned to the scene of the accident a short time later on his bicycle to retrieve it, the fleeing driver could be identified relatively quickly. He also smelled clearly of alcohol on the spot. A breathalyzer test revealed that he was under the influence of alcohol to the tune of two parts per thousand.

Farewell to the driver’s license

Both traffic sinners had to undergo a blood sample in the clinical center forchheim and had to say goodbye to their driving licenses there. In addition, these two drivers are being investigated for drunk driving and endangering traffic, among other things.

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