Burger questions demolition

Burger questions demolition

Andreas dorsch the old schoolhouse in aisch is to be torn down. For the kindergarten currently still housed in the former school st. Theresia a new building is planned next door on the current playground. This was the unanimous decision of the adelsdorf town council a good year ago. Not with us says the leadership of the new electoral group "adelsdorfer burgers" and questions the demolition of the old school building.

Chairman ralf olmesdahl, his deputy georg habermann and treasurer josef staudigel are against the demolition of the old school building and demand a compromise. They argue for preserving the old building and adding an annex to it. "You could let in business, a doctor’s office or the "seniors", suggests habermann, who – contrary to a wording in the FT of 17. July – is not generally against a new kindergarten in aisch.

The electoral group founded two years ago criticizes the way in which the decision to demolish and build a new school was taken. "There is a lack of transparency at the back and in front, criticizes habermann. He misses an expert opinion that proves that the old school building has to be demolished. Chairman olmesdahl lacks objective discussion, considers planning too confused.

Having a say in local politics

The group, which sees itself as the opposition in adelsdorf, believes that just because there are high subsidies for the new building, you can’t just rub off an old building.

Like the three board members of the "adelsdorfer burgers to declare that they want to have a say in local politics and also stand in the municipal elections next march with their own list and a candidate for mayor.

Intensive discussion

The acting mayor karsten fischkal () can not understand the criticism. There have been many meetings and intensive discussions with the catholic church community and the municipal councils. The topic had been discussed several times in town and parish meetings. The municipal council then passed a unanimous resolution.

Fischkal recalls architect’s findings that schoolhouse built in 1966 "was not built to a very high standard". If it was to be preserved, it would have to be renovated and the children would have to be housed somewhere. 70 percent subsidy from the state for a new building. Fischkal finally wants a building suitable for the children of aisch.

He reminds the critics of the plans that they have the opportunity to express their opinions in the development planning process that is now pending for the project.

Finally something decent

For rita weller, the head of the catholic kindergarten in adelsdorf, which began operating the kindergarten in the aischer school building in 1984, renovation would not make sense. At that time, the children were accommodated out of necessity, even without a pedagogical concept. She also sees structural deficiencies in the old masonry and would like that after many years the children of ai finally get something proper, which is especially suitable for small children.

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