End of a smartphone era: google puts android in new hands

end of a smartphone era: google puts android in new hands

Android boss and father andy rubin will take up a new job within the company. "Andy has decided it’s time to hand over the reins and start a new chapter at google," page wrote in a company blog on wednesday. He was silent about the exact reasons for the change and the new tasks.

Sundar pichai, who is responsible for the chrome browser, the chrome OS computer operating system and the google apps office applications, will be his successor as head of android. He is taking on the new post in addition to his previous duties. With this, google brings together the operating systems that were previously developed side by side in the hands of one manager. It’s not easy to step into andy rubin’s shoes," wrote group CEO page. "But i am convinced that sundar will do a great job."

Rubin and pichai had not been able to agree on a common strategy for google operating systems in recent months. Android and chrome were developed separately, although they serve similar purposes. Observers see the appointment as an attempt by google chief page to better coordinate the development of the two systems with a unified leadership in the future.

It seems to be not the only change in management. According to U.S. Media, manager jeff huber, responsible for map services and shopping solutions, is also vacating his post. He will go to google X, the wall street journal reported, citing people in the know. This is the division that, under the leadership of google co-founder sergey brin, is working on future projects such as the google glass data glasses or self-driving cars.

According to the newspaper, the ticket services will be added to the search team under alan eustace and the shopping lots or payment services will go into susan wojcicki’s advertising unit. The conversion was already announced internally on wednesday, it said.

Rubin founded the start-up android in 2003 and led the operating system to success after it was taken over by google. Before android, it was extremely time-consuming to build services for mobile devices, wrote google chief page. "We had more than 100 phones in our cabinet, and we pretty much developed our software for each one individually."Rubin’s open system has changed this.

According to a survey by the market research company IDC, 497 million android smartphones were shipped last year. According to the study, the market share rose to 69 percent, while apple with its iphone stagnated at 19 percent. Android devices come from various manufacturers in many price ranges, first and foremost from samsung, but also HTC, LG or the google subsidiary motorola.

Page told rubin to set his sights on the moon even more often. "Moonshoots" is the term used at google for projects that have world-changing potential, but also a certain probability of failure. These include the aforementioned google glasses and self-driving cars.

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