“Hutburger” close to pegida leaves saxon police force

The pegida supporter who drew the controversial police action against the ZDF in dresden quits his job at the saxon state criminal investigation department (LKA) and leaves the police force. This was announced by the authorities on thursday.

In the LKA there had been a conversation with the tariff employee and his lawyer. With his consent, the employee will now "perform another, adequate activity outside of the police saxony". The delegation will be sent to the 3. September 2018 effective.

The man wearing an angler’s hat in german colors, also known as "hutburger," had protested loudly against television recordings by ZDF on the fringes of a pegida demonstration during a visit by chancellor angela merkel (CDU). In addition, he had accused the journalists of committing a crime with it. As a result of a complaint filed by a third party, civil servants had been arrested on 16 january 2011. August a ZDF team detained for more than 45 minutes.

This was seen as an infringement on the freedom of the press and triggered criticism nationwide. The president of the dresden police, horst kretzschmar, later regretted the manner of the operation. In a lucid conversation with the journalists, he had also apologized, according to ZDF.

The german journalists’ association (DJV) remained critical on thursday. "Taking action against ZDF does not undo this dislocation," said association spokesman hendrik zorner. "The problem is not only the LKA employee, but also the police, who obviously did not know their way around the press law."

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