Kulmbach comedian works every day for success

Kulmbach comedian works every day for success

Stefan eichner, better known as "the eich, has received the cultural award of the kulmbach service clubs. We asked him what he plans to do with the prize money and to whom he owes the most in his career.

Stefan, congratulations! How proud are you to receive the cultural award??
Stefan eichner: i am generally proud of the word "proud" always a little careful and use the term very, very sparingly. But I am very happy, and it is so far for me personally really the highest award. I have also won several cabaret awards, but it is of course special to receive the cultural award of the service clubs of our city. I see the prize as an incentive to continue and to try to match the quality of my new program, which will premiere in two weeks, and to live up to my expectations.

How is the cultural award endowed?
With 3 000 euros.

Do you know how you will use the money??
No, not yet. But I think that I will donate a part anonymously. The rest I invest in very banal things like my stage work. So I don’t just take the prize money on the head. My new program is relatively expensive, I play the piano, so of course I had to get the instrument for it.

Your career continues to be very successful.
Yes, I really have to say that. I also have the rough, rough luck that I am now sold out without a poster in the rough hall of our town. This is how it works in austria and also in hamburg. I am booked every weekend until april 2014. This is really insane for me, this is great. But I’m not the type who imagines anything about it, I just want to be and stay the guy next door.

How do you explain your success, which came as a bit of a surprise??
Yes, in terms of speed. But I have been "the eich" for five years now as a stage figure and have worked on it every day in some form or another. Whether in the office or on the stage. It’s just not a job for me, it’s a passion. I don’t want to characterize myself, that’s not in my nature. But what people tell me after the gigs is that I show a naturalness on stage. That I stand up there with my hand in my pocket and talk like I do before and after the show. I set a very high value on not being the artist from above, but I always want to be at eye level with my audience. This naturalness and relaxedness goes down very well with the people. But I also try to be very meticulous with my texts and not only to offer the smooth joke, but to always let something critical fall into place.

When you look back on your career: who do you owe the most to??
Of course mainly to my wife sabine, because she threw me into the deep end back then. Because otherwise it became "the oak" do not give. I would not be sitting here today and never have written a stage program. My wife rented a hall at that time, gave the tickets to the ticket office and then said, the first tickets are sold and you have to do it now.I also realized that when I’m under pressure, I’m most productive. A lot has been demanded so to day. My wife was and still is fully behind me.

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