Music club neudrossenfeld turned 35

Music club neudrossenfeld turned 35

With a swinging evening, classics and some jazz in big-band style, the sound body under the baton of valerij efremov is convincing both soloistically and orchestrally, making listening really fun. This is not least due to the improvisational talent of the musicians, some of whom can look back on decades of experience. The altenploser ossi walder on the clarinet is such an example.

But young talents also strengthen the band. Theresa motschmann from neudrossenfeld has been playing for almost two years with. The 16-year-old (trumpet and flugelhorn) attends a music school in bayreuth and wants to study music pedagogy later on. "Being in the music club gives me practice, security and the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience", she says. When she is doing her homework, she quickly goes to the trumpet, and after a few notes she feels better. "My rough role model is my trumpet teacher wolfgang diehm", betrayal.

Lisa boxdorfer from kulmbach is the youngest at 15 years old. She loves music "because it makes me happy and the variety of pieces is delightful." In addition to flugelhorn, she now also starts playing the guitar.

Lightness and soul-stroking

Instrumentally well cast, from baritone saxophone to flugelhorn and tuba, the 24 interpreters manage to conjure up that lightness in the hall with their concert that invites you to bob and clap along and caresses your soul with the soft, melancholy pieces. Wonderful intonation of the st. Louis blues, in "adios from glenn miller solo trumpet player klaus hubner shows off his old class and "gloria, empathetic performance, clears up the faces.

But the arrangements and poutpourris are also brilliantly expressed in driving floods of sound, precise and rhythmically exact. Traditionals are made for the musikverein, tonal power and volume remain constant with very few exceptions.

That the musikverein in the march is completely in his metier, he proves in the encore with "alte kameraden".
Through the evening elegantly leads klaus konrad. Heinersreuth mayor hans dotsch calls the music club a bond between the neighboring communities of neudrossenfeld and heinersreuth. "To experience such music live is always a pleasure", he swarmed.

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