“Pack ma’s” trains teachers in violence prevention

The school should be a place of safety and togetherness – this is what the dominik brunner foundation, the bavarian teachers" association (BLLV) and the government of upper franconia want to achieve. Children and young people want a peaceful and protected stay without fear and hostility. The "pack ma's" prevention course, the dominik brunner foundation and the BLLV, with the support of the government of upper franconia, are now also offering in this government district can help to achieve these goals. In baiersdorf (altenkunstadt) the contract for multiplier training for non-violent schools and for courageous advocacy was signed.

"Pack it" is the result of a prevention concept of the munich police, the effectiveness of which has been proven by a study of the munich ludwig-maximilian-university. In this program, teachers and social workers are empowered to work with the children and young people at their schools themselves. The aim is to lay the foundations for peaceful interaction within the school and to be able to take appropriate measures in the event of a conflict.

BLLV district chairman henrik schodel has pulled out all the stops to ensure that this preserved program also finds its way into upper franconia's schools. "We often complain about the lack of civic courage. The name dominik brunner is associated with an extremely impressive example of a person who stood up for others without regard for his own life or health", government president heidrun piwernetz praised the commitment of the teachers. The president of the government has expressed her support for these efforts. "Civil courage is a cornerstone of a democratic society."

The commitment and the idea of civil courage in the schools to want to carry stefan kuen praised head of department at the government of upper franconia. Standing up for others is a fundamental virtue. A value for our society.

The idea of civil courage and violence prevention in schools is of great importance for our schools, explained the board member of the dominik brunner foundation, sebastian hutzenthaler. "The topic of civic courage is on everyone's lips these days. It is said that no one cares about the plight of others, that there is a pronounced "wegschaumentalitat" in our society", explained ralph kappelmeier. Together with alexander fuchs, he launched the training program at a first event in upper franconia. 

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