Raising the protective wall at the sagewerk

Raising the protective wall at the sagewerk

The wall at the reinlein steel mill, which is located directly on the schlusselfelder strabe in geiselwind, has to be dimensioned higher than originally planned for reasons of arm protection.

At the meeting of the municipal council, mayor ernst nickel informed that measurements were taken from the opposite residents, which gave this result. In order to achieve better protection, it must in future be four meters high over a length of 30 meters, instead of the current 2.65 meters.

According to mayor nickel, the neighbors have gone to court to demand an increase in the price. Measurements were then taken, an expert opinion was drawn up and the result was that the crash barrier had to be extended to this height. The municipality now has to decide whether to allow the wall at the eastern entrance to the town.

Not already for the townscape

According to nickel, the huge wall is not exactly good for the appearance of the town, "but this is about the residents and their protection," he said. Local councillor richard ruckel expressed doubts as to whether the four meters were already "the end of the line". The council unanimously approved the increase to four meters.

As burgermeister nickel explained, a measurement of the vibrations is still pending. Residents had complained that running the gate caused considerable vibration in their homes, even causing the dishes in the barriers to vibrate.

The company had already announced the installation of a sheet pile wall to improve the situation.

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