Visitors come to the historical market in ebermannstadt despite the rain

visitors come to the historical market in ebermannstadt despite the rain

To the 23. The historical market in the lower barn district in ebermannstadt in connection with an open sunday in the city center was attended by many visitors despite adverse weather conditions.

Eckart henzler (55) from weismain has his work cut out for him. Under the motto "I’ll carve you your favorite animal" he invites children to his stand to carve american wild animals out of wood and give them the right shape using his carving technique. "Because of the rain showers that come every now and then, i am busy rubbing the wooden figures dry again and again," he explains, tells the 55-year-old, who is attending the historic market for the first time. "The children get a sandpaper from me and were allowed to help with their animal", tells henzler. This allowed the children to identify with the material and then also with their animal. In winter, henzler makes wooden nativity figures, in summer they are wooden animals. What is particularly popular with children? "Contrary to the trend, girls today are increasingly opting for crocodiles and boys for dolphins", reports henzler. At the stand of the beekeepers association ebermannstadt cashier thomas dehler has stand duty. In addition to information about beekeeping, he also sells honey. A total of four types are offered for sale: forest and blood honey, creamy blood honey, summer blood honey and spring blood honey. "Today, people especially like to buy forest and blood honey", betrayal dehler. "The forest and blood honey has a slightly harsher taste", he explains. Right after that comes the creamy blood honey, which is particularly good as a spread on bread and rolls, says the beekeeper.

Topic referendum

Of course, the stand of the beekeepers’ association will also be used to talk about the "save the bees" petition discussed. For thomas dehler, this is a step in the right direction, but only a small one. In his opinion a general rethinking must take place in the heads of humans. On the one hand, dehler thinks it’s okay that farmers are now being forced by law to preserve and expand the habitats of bees through certain mowing practices. But he also warns against too much regulation and breaks a lance for agriculture. The farmers themselves had already done a lot for the preservation of the bees in recent years. Whether the way to simply put another law over the already much-flawed agriculture is the right way, he leaves open. He appeals to the citizens: "the domestic lawn must really be mowed weekly? Not everything we think is weed is actually weed for the bees." Every private person can do something for the preservation of the bees by creating flowerbeds on private property and not opting for a rock garden.

The "owl mama

Only a few steps further sits "owl mama" angie from nurnberg, who has her stitched "lucky owls" at her stand sells. "Owls are since the middle ages animals of luck and wisdom", explains the pensioner, who likes to come to ebermannstadt with her hobby art stand. "It’s a great crowd here, very different from other markets.", swarming them. Right at the beginning of the market action andreas patzelt (48) has set up his market stall. He, or rather his father before him, is a regular at the market. In addition to roasted almonds and kurbiskernels, he offers products that arouse the curiosity of market visitors. "What do wild figs taste like?? What are physalis?" Patzelt lets the visitors taste the products. "Physalis are so-called gooseberries", he explains in passing. But the best sellers are cucumber seeds with a honey-chili marinade. On open sundays, in many stores, the owners themselves are behind the sales counter. If you had to use personnel, such a day would no longer be profitable. By "filis-budgetary rats" he is surprised that he can score points with customers even on sundays with his range of household goods. Karl-heinz stollmann of "blunkis parfumerie" has praise for the city of ebermannstadt, which is doing a lot for the business world. "Open sundays are already profitable if the weather is right and no outside staff have to be deployed", he takes stock.

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