Assentater von halle had liked to kill more people

assentater von halle had liked to kill more people

When he heard the german names of his victims, he flinched, reported NDR, WDR and "suddeutsche zeitung". He had primarily targeted jews. Then he had resorted to "middle easterners" in a doner store. The federal prosecutor’s office in karlsruhe did not comment on monday when asked.

Stephan B. Had a great day on the 9. October tries to make a bloodbath in the synagogue of halle. People had gathered there to celebrate the highest jewish holiday, yom kippur. When B. At the synagogue gate, he shot first a 40-year-old female passerby and then a 20-year-old customer in a nearby doner store. Other victims were injured or had a narrow escape. Thereby filmed B. And broadcast everything live on the internet.

The investigating federal prosecutor’s office is expected to file charges against the 28-year-old in the next few days. She accuses him of double murder and attempted murder in several cases.

B. He proudly told the investigators how he had assembled his own weapons, the report said. In order to obtain the necessary chemicals, he sold his pewter figures for 4,000 euros on the ebay internet platform.

B. Had on his computer numerous videos in which to see how people are killed in the most brutal way. One of these films, for example, shows adherents of the terrorist organization islamic state (IS) burning two turkish soldiers alive.

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