Bamberg benefits from eu leader project

Bamberg benefits from eu leader project

What exactly the sense of the leader-projects of the european union is, is not to be said so simply at all. Both in the bamberg region and in the rest of the EU, the common ground may lie in the variety of projects that are intended to bring people closer to their surroundings and to their region with its many opportunities. In the bamberg region, for example, the leader projects range from fruit orchards and the marketing of regional products to a network of cycle paths and a swimming lake. And these are just a few examples.

If you want to know more, you should already be able to speak french. Because "leader", as anglo-saxon as it sounds, this is an abbreviation for the french name of the eu program "liaison entre actions de developpement de l’economie rurale", which translates as "linking actions for the development of the rural economy", may be. According to the official brochure of the local action group (LAG) for the bamberg region, the funds of the leader program are intended to support exemplary ideas and projects in the rural areas.

Local people can decide for themselves which projects they want to support, explains marion hartmann from the LAG. All leader grants are therefore tied to the formation of local action groups (lags), as was the case in the district of bamberg back in 1997/98. This LAG is led by district administrator gunther denzler, several mayors and representatives of various associations in the district. This committee mainly decides on the eligibility of a project such as the heinershof school farm near pommersfelden, which opens today, saturday. "This is one of our biggest projects so far", marion hartmann is looking forward.

In total, the LAG manager estimates, the leader commitment has attracted around 1.126 million euros in funding to the bamberg district over the past few years. The environmental education, the river paradise franconia, and the regional campaign "genussregion" have all benefited from this, nature and environmental protection, culture and history, and tourism. At any rate, these are the six thematic fields on which the LAG landkreis bamberg has decided to work.

In terms of tourism, of course, you do not want to lose time. For this reason, a project has been pushed ahead with vigor in recent weeks that could considerably increase the recreational value of the bamberg cycling region in particular. Four rest areas for cyclists and 38 information boards at junctions of the cycle path network were created or are still being created in cooperation with the municipalities of the district.

According to mayor maria beck (CSU), such a place is almost ready in priesendorf am ansbach, where the municipality has also built a playground and rest area for children and adults. This place becomes representative for the whole action on the coming wednesday at 14.30 a.M. At a central closing ceremony to give the march its destiny.

Another project has so far only existed in the minds of the LAG: the "7-river hiking trail". The route has already been defined, it leads through the river valleys of aurach, baunach, itz, main, rough and rich ebrach as well as the regnitz, but it is not yet signposted.

This is to be done by 2014 together with the local hiking clubs. Then, along 200 kilometers of the main and regnitz rivers in particular, the diversity of the region could be experienced: boggy pine forests and sandy habitats in the regnitz valley, juniper heaths, barlauch beech forests and rugged cliffs on the frankische alb, river meadows and swimming lakes in the main valley, vineyards in the habberge mountains, green valleys in the steiger forest.

It is particularly gratifying that this infrastructure development is expected to receive between 25 and 70 percent from the EU agricultural fund (EAFRD). For the "7-river hiking trail according to marion hartmann’s estimate, it could amount to around 59,000 euros. If you want to see what can be created, you could visit the fruit paradise in lauf (municipality of zapfendorf) in addition to the heinershof or the bicycle resting places. There the apple bleeds in front of the door…

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