Burgkunstadt loses another store

Burgkunstadt loses another store

The H.O.Schulze KG lichtenfels closes its store in lichtenfelser strabe. Burgkunstadt thus loses another traditional specialist shop. For many, especially the school children, this place was also a popular meeting place.

The older citizens of the town look back a bit wistfully at such news, because many things have disappeared forever from the cityscape. The popular farbersbrunnen, for example, the once still open muhlbach, where there was even a small customs house where bridge tolls were collected, and of course the plan with its famous cattle scales.

The kulmbacher strabe and the lichenfelser strabe, which merge at the plan, were the lifelines of the shoe town. The bypass road did not yet exist, and so these local roads also served as an important link between lichtenfels and kulmbach.

Today it is hardly imaginable what kind of activity there was in the inner city area of burgkunstadt. We only have to remember the vinegar and liqueur factory lindner, not far away from it was the former car dealer zeitler, later also a basket shop thurnau, and there were in this area almost half a dozen butcher shops, several hairdressers, as well as from the dairy and grocery store to the lottery store pretty much all the stores that served basic needs. Before the bau "hollerith"-the commercial bauerlein estate was located here; the shoe store, two large clothing stores, the grocery store, several electrical, radio, television and bicycle shops were also present, as were the textile trade, watchmakers and two cinemas, whereby the afternoon events on sundays were particularly popular with the children and young people. Several hotels, in the bahnhof- in the kulmbacher- and the lichenfelser strabe as well as in the weiherbach, received their guests and could, about a century ago, like the "frankischer hof", be called the "franconian court", already point out: "bader im hause" (bahnhofshotel), which made it clear that fliegend water had also found its way into gastronomy.

Cafes and restaurants

Several cafes, coal shops, banks, pharmacies and a drugstore, bakeries, general practitioners, dentists and gardeners gave the "lower city" their special character. The kulmbach strabe also had its place in shoe manufacturing, as the present-day hotel "drei kronen" was home to the "bader" company and in the nearby so-called "fischweberhaus its origins. For the shoe factory workers – in the area of burgkunstadt, altenkunstadt and woffendorf hundreds of employees – the bahnhofsstrabe and kulmbacherstrabe were particularly favorable from a gastronomic point of view, and it was only a short walk to the "loni" (bahnhofshotel), or about the later bundesstrabe, where the gampert tavern awaited the guests. The names of the inns such as "royal" and "loni" are outstanding, "budgerigar" etc.

Kulmbacher strabe also offered a rich variety of breweries, and after the brewery inns gunther, gick and pfeuffer stood opposite each other not far from the former hotel dumrauf, this area of town soon acquired a name of its own among the population, namely the "bermuda triangle…

In the water of the muhlbach, the water wheel of the former elbel’s muhle was spinning, and a small wooden footbridge led over the course of the creek, both of which were, of course, particularly popular playgrounds for the youths. Burgkunstadt was always well equipped with school, office and stationery supplies, for example at the entrance to the upper town with the specialist shop bronner, which made children’s hearts beat faster, especially at christmas time, when the magnificent railroad made its rounds in the shop window, and in the black moat with the specialist shop pfadenhauer. Where today the branch of the savings bank coburg-lichenfels stands, later the house was used as a shoe store, there was also a bookstore with the name reinecke. It later moved to the premises in kulmbacher strabe, where DVSG, a branch of deutsche vereinigung der schuhmaschinen gmbh based in frankfurt, used to be located.

The announcement of the sale of H.O. Schulze is associated with a little melancholy, especially for many of today’s adults. For many years they were allowed to pick up their school supplies there themselves, and since a lot of toys were also sold, this always took some time. Especially with the boys were the small "wiking cars" the small airplane and ship models were at the top of the popularity scale, and offered plenty of opportunities to play after school. In short, the plan and its environment are changing once again. Fortunately, however, the attentive visitor can see that even if the decline in business has been considerable, there are also positive developments to be seen.

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