Hunting for motifs in the old city

Hunting for motifs in the old city

The forchheim instagram competition "forchheimshots running at full speed. After the successful start in january and the previous photo walks to the feuerstein airfield and to the open brewery day in forchheim, interest is not waning. According to the organizers, more than 3,600 photos have already been shared on the social image network instagram with the hashtag #forchheimshots19. The deadline for the photo competition is 15 september. September.

In order to give instagram friends and photo enthusiasts even more opportunities for creative development and networking, forchheimshots initiator matthias hosch is organizing a photo walk again in july. This time it’s time for the "old town walk to the forchheim city center and underworld. Among half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets

Lots of motifs await the participants in the alleys and historical buildings. The city parks are also on the route, as well as some interesting corners that one tends to overlook when strolling through the city center. Because one thing is for sure: there is a lot to discover in forchheim, and not only from a photographer’s point of view.

Everybody is welcome

Meeting point is saturday, 13. July, at 2 p.M. At the forchheim tourist information office in the imperial palace. Registration is not necessary, but there is a facebook event announcement where you can announce your coming. Everybody is welcome to join this walk, no matter if beginner or professional, if with camera or smartphone. The pictures will be posted later on instagram with the hashtags #altstadtwalk19 #forchheimshots19 and are automatically in the selection for the 100 best pictures that will make it into the forchheimshots exhibition in the forchheimer stadtbucherei (9. October to 8. January).

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