Investigations into accidents on the a3 continue

Investigations into accidents on the a3 continue

The accident initially claimed the lives of two people on the freeway near limburg on tuesday. More than ten people were injured, some seriously. At the end of the traffic jam, far behind the accident site, another collision occurred hours later. This time a car driver drove into a truck and died.

As a spokesman for the police said on wednesday morning, expert opinions are currently being drawn up to reconstruct the exact course of events in the accident. With a result is to be counted possibly only in two weeks. The coach accident happened in the morning around 9 a.M.30 o’clock between bad camberg and limburg-sud in the direction of koln. According to the police, the bus was driving in the right-hand lane and had already come to a standstill due to a traffic jam when a truck hit it.

The force of the impact pushed the bus onto the 7.5-ton truck in front of it, which in turn pinned itself onto a 40-ton truck. After the road had been closed all day, it was not until tuesday evening that the road could be reopened.

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