Six derbies in just over three hours

Six derbies in just over three hours

The reform of the BFV cup came sooner than expected. At the winter working meeting, it was reported to our newspaper that the new qualification mode would not be introduced until 2020. Until now, the top ten teams in the state leagues have met in two qualifying rounds, together with the bavarian league teams, to determine the participants in the main round of the association cup. Now there are intra-class tournaments. "The bavarian and regional leagues have often approached us with requests to adjust the qualification mode to allow the clubs to better plan their seasons and at the same time give all regional league clubs the opportunity to qualify for the first main round. We were very happy to comply with this request", according to the head of the association, josef janker, on the BFV homepage. There it also states, the new mode takes effect from the cup season 2020/21, for this season, the association match committee has set a transition mode.

22 tournaments for the state league teams in bavaria

The now provides for 22 lightning tournaments for 64 national league teams (excluding second teams). One of them will take place today from 1 pm in frohnlach. Each of the four teams has to play three games of 30 minutes each. Only the first-placed team advances and contests until 1. May 2020 one of eleven finals. These eleven teams are qualified for the main round of the bavarian association cup. The winner can take part in the DFB cup competition.

Last test before the start of the season

For the four regional league teams from the coburg/lichtenfels/kronach region, the tournament will be a final test for the season that starts next weekend. Oliver muller, who joined christian goler as a new member of the FCL coaching team, thinks the idea of blitz tournaments is not bad, but the timing is unfavorable. "We would have preferred, a week before the start of the season, a proper test over 90 minutes. This cup tournament should have been held one or two weeks earlier." The lichtenfels team will use the three 30-minute games to try out different lineups and tactical approaches, as muller explained.

Lichtenfelser with decimated squad

The 51-year-old admits, however, that only 15 or 16 players could be fielded. The ailing lukasz jankowiak, luca ljevsic and daniel schardt are spared. In addition, a few players are on vacation. "But we’re not going to frohnlach for coffee. We’ve already set our sights on something against good opponents", says muller.

The game plan

GROUP 18 saturday, 6. July, willi schillig stadium frohnlach 1 pm: FC lichtenf. – vfl frohnlach 13.30 p.M: FC coburg – SV friesen 14.3 p.M: FC cob. – FC lichtenfels 14.45 o’clock: frohnlach – SV friesen 15.30 p.M.: SV friesen – FC lichtenf. 4 p.M.: vfl frohnlach – FC coburg

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