Soon there will be the smell of lebkuchen on the aurach – von baumen!

Soon there will be the smell of lebkuchen on the aurach - von baumen!

It's a green ribbon that snakes through the city: the banks of the aurach are overgrown with many trees and shrubs, sometimes overgrown, sometimes looking neglected. The many grasses will also be preserved in the future, only they will be tidier, so that the aurach and its riparian areas will become habitats.
This is the plan of the city, which in the course of the transformation of the debris also wants to tackle the river. In the planning committee, the design presented by landscape architect stephanie hackl was unanimously accepted and recommended to the city council for a decision. The macceptances were a bit expensive, it was noted, but there was still green light. Because "it is already to become, our aurach promenade", as mayor german hacker (SPD) stated.

Wide road

The planner of the office hackl hofmann from eichstatt presented the affected area between the kuwesteg and the bahnhofsbrucke. The core of the considerations was that the open space along the river, namely on the city center side, "should become an attractive green area with a high quality of stay" to be developed. This is what it says in the requirements. In addition, the aurach and its banks are to be "upgraded and set in scene" will be.
The office is redesigning the path. It will be wider: three and a half meters are available, of which two meters will be asphalted. Along the path the planner has arranged seating as well as a row of sports and fitness equipment. An open-air gym is to be created, as could be seen from their presentation.
In addition, the river is to be made easily accessible. For this purpose, the high difference must be overcome, which requires constructional measures. Even a platform directly on the river is being considered.

Flood wall

Stephanie hackl divided her presentation into several sections. As she explained, during the reconstruction work, five meters of private land will have to be requisitioned, which the owner will receive back after completion, cleanly prepared of course. This, uli wirth namely, is in agreement with it, said mayor hacker. Also it will get a flood and sight protection wall. This should be made of larch wood.
From wood to steel: a wall is also planned in the connection, on public ground. This is to be executed as a steel construction with differently slanted slats. For hackl it is "a very nice invigorating element."
The tree population along the aurach had to be partially abandoned, the planner further explained. Some trees are old and rotten, others are simply in the way. So a very nice poplar tree had to give way. A group of alder trees, on the other hand, was to be preserved.
Of course, there are also extensive new plantings. Stephanie hackl wants to adapt to the "new climatic conditions" to adapt, as she said. This means that the weeping cherry (prunus padus) is the only francophone tree that is intended there. In addition, there are other trees that do not grow very high, some with exotic names. For example, the gingerbread tree, which originates from southeast asia, or the trumpet tree pay.
Retta muller-schimmel asked flippantly if the gingerbread tree did not come from nurnberg, because of the name. The green city councilor would prefer that. Stephanie hackl has such a tree in her own garden, so it is now also widespread in franconia. He got the name because the leaves smell of lebkuchen.
Before the ice age, the trees chosen by the buro were quite native to our latitudes, she added. It is important that they are contractual for insects. The trumpet tree blooms late in the year and thus forms an additional supply for the insects.

High costs

In the discussion, the high costs of 1.3 million euros were mentioned. "The sum is naturally frightening", said CSU faction chairman bernhard schwab. Mayor hacker confirmed the "considerable costs, no question", but he also announced that a grant of 60 percent could be expected from the city's building fund. For the project was a classic taxation in the inner-city area.
CSU city councilor schwab also spoke a few words of warning. On the one hand, he was pleased about the planned riverbank meadow, which would certainly be especially suitable for children. But one should be careful that it is not like it is today: dog excrement is everywhere. In the case of the wooden wall, schwab fears that graffiti sprayers will be targeted. And in general, he asked who is taking care of the grun. The bimbach has also been renaturalized, and the city should take care of the maintenance there. In schwab's view, however, nothing is happening there, the stream is overgrown. And "hundreds of frogs croak", much to the "joy the resident.
Finally, the CSU politician reminded of a demand of his fraction that the southern area of the aurach between the kuwesteg and the steinerner brucke would also be an "optimal area to design" ware.

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