State honorary medal for the committed thorsten graf

State honorary medal for the committed thorsten graf

"The most important reason i have come to you today is to honor a deserving comrade", explained district fire inspector gunter wilhelm at the annual meeting of the huttenheim volunteer fire department. Wilhelm awarded the deputy commander of the fire department, thorsten graf, the silver state fire department medal for 25 years of active service. Chairman andreas schlegel and mayor ingrid reifenscheid-eckert joined in with congratulations and presentations.

Commander dominik stich and his deputy thorsten graf form a well-functioning duo at the helm of the fire department with 44 active members. Thorsten graf went on several missions, nine exercises and training sessions. For graf, the increase in exercise participation was particularly positive during the reporting period, with steffen rub, christopher haude and graf himself standing out as the most exercise-averse.

Exercises with radios and fire extinguishers

Thorsten graf explained in his outlook that this year he wants to schedule training sessions with the radio and commercial fire extinguishers, as well as training based on a hazard matrix on the topic of accident prevention. Gunter wilhelm was impressed by what a small fire brigade with comparatively modest equipment like the huttenheimer could accomplish thanks to dedicated people like thorsten graf. "As an old hand, I think I can even learn something from you", confessed the district fire inspector.

Gunter wilhelm addressed a so-called system separator, which the fire department association recommends to all fire departments and municipalities. Because such a device prevents firefighters from contaminating a drinking water system when using hydrants. The devices are not cheap despite a discount because of the collective order with 1000 euro.

Geratewarte found

Ingrid reifenscheid-eckert assured the firefighters of her support and therefore system separators were purchased for all three local fire brigades. Thorsten graf still wished for the fire department to have a maintenance technician again after many years and for machines and equipment to be functionally inspected several times a year. His appeal fell on fertile ground, because at the end of the meeting, max stadtelmeyer and marco fleischer declared their willingness to take over the tasks of the gerate warden together.

At the annual meeting, the chairman buried tobias nahr as the new district fire chief for the first time and was pleased to note that the carnival event had gone off extremely well. The result did the cash report of rudolf rauh good and led to a positive annual result. The auditors christian darr and pascal meyer had nothing to complain about and were elected for another term of office. According to the chairman, the defense stood guard at the wedding of dominik stich and his wife anja.

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