Tentative start of winter in sight – snow in franconia

Tentative start of winter in sight - snow in franconia

"In the rhon and the fichtelgebirge, the snow line is dropping", said a meteorologist of the german weather service in munich on saturday. "However, it is uncertain whether the snow will remain in place." On the first advent sunday, the weather in large parts of bavaria will still be sparse autumn and foggy dew.

Rain is forecast in many places for the new week. In places it can get slippery on the roads, especially in upper bavaria. "If you’re traveling in rush hour traffic on monday morning, you should be prepared and informed.", said the weather expert.

In the alps, snow may fall above 1000 meters on monday, dropping to 900 meters on tuesday. "This is where the snow is likely to stay", said the meteorologist. "So we have a tentative start of winter shortly after the first advent." Temperatures are expected to be between minus two and occasionally plus nine degrees celsius. From tuesday the air cools down to two degrees at lake constance and down to minus four degrees in frankenwald.

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