Thanks to the senior citizens’ representative gisela norbach

Thanks to the senior citizens' representative gisela norbach

What does the new kindergarten "nurnberger strabe" look like? In neunkirchen am brand? A presentation of the variant recommended by the building committee has been given to the municipal councils. The planning was discussed with the neighbors, the middle school in neunkirchen am brand, with regard to possible noise caused by children playing. The reggio-padagogy will be applied. This means that smaller workshops will be used. The building will be a two-storey skeleton construction, without a basement. On the first floor there is the arrival area with a rough checkroom and a bistro. Third mayor andreas pfister (SPD), who was standing in for the mayor who was ill, noted that it was currently being examined whether the "kuche" would be built also take over kindergarten operations. The middle school already has a cafeteria that also cooks for daycare centers. The activity rooms will be located on the first floor on the right-hand side. Christian bockmann (G) disliked the fact that the reading room was planned next to the exercise room. This could affect each other. The rooms can still be moved around and have been agreed with the users, the architect assured. The nursery area will then be on the upper floor. Even a separate roof garden area would be possible. The new kindergarten will be barrier-free, all rooms and the roof terrace will be easily accessible. A self-catering kitchen with storage rooms and the adjoining cafeteria is a key feature of the daycare center.

Development plan approved

The development plan hemmerleingelande was approved. Katja von dobschutz of the office grosser, seeger und partner presented the incorporated changes. So the traffic payment in the grafenberger strabe requested by the community council was carried out and evaluated. The results were incorporated into the sound report. The hemmerleinstrabe/grafenberger strabe intersection was also reviewed and the traffic to be expected as a result of the new construction was determined. The result: the node has performance level A, which means it can accommodate everything. The soundproofing report was also revised. Due to the relocation of the combined heat and power plant, the sound levels will change slightly, but due to the changed location of contractual obligations, they will be reduced. The public land will be ceded to the market. Individual electric charging columns could also be erected, ute loffler’s (uwg) inquiry was answered.


Gisela norbach has made a big difference for seniors. The senior citizens’ representative of the market municipality worked tirelessly for the interests of older people. She was concerned that they should be well advised and be able to live independently for as long as possible. Last but not least, on her initiative, a seniors’ advisory council was elected and a new room for the work of the seniors’ advisory council was found in the evangelisches gemeindehaus (protestant community center). Now gisela norbach retires for family reasons. She has therefore resigned from the office of seniors’ representative. "The seniors’ advisory council was new. But without the support of the municipal council, the work would not have been possible", thanked norbach. "Working with seniors is my lifeblood", she emphasized and promised to remain on the seniors’ advisory council. Third mayor andreas pfister (SPD) handed over a present and a bunch of flowers with the thanks of the municipality.

Administration decides

What about money for the kindergarten in ermreuth?? Other construction sites and maintenance work are not started or cannot be continued because there are no funds available. A list of projects and the money needed for them, which was presented to the market town councils, was therefore called an early appropriation of funds.

"What about the budget?", asked martin walz (CSU). "At the moment, the administration is deciding which advance funds will be made available. But you have to tell the burger so too", walz explained, since the budget is not yet in place. He did not want the burghers to have the impression that the municipal council decides the. "The parish council is not responsible for the delay", emphasized walz.

Also the presiding third mayor andreas pfister (SPD) explained that the list of priorities was compiled and put on the agenda by the mayor. He himself saw some points differently and wanted to talk about it in the non-public part of the meeting. However, he supported martin walz’s request that the burgher know that due to the budget-less time, there was a different prioritization that was not decided by the municipal council.

Nine mabnahmen were on the list for the provision of money. That was the rebuilding of the rosenbacher fire station with 245 000 euro, the construction costs for the kita "nurnberger strabe" with 50,000 euros, the bridge construction in ermreuth for the locksmith work on the gelander with 50,000 euros, the tree care with 35,000 euros, banks and ditches with 30,000 euros and the canal maintenance in neunkirchen with canal inspection for the foreign water concept with 200,000 euros.

The point EDP-equipment school with 130 000 euro as well as the points maintenance work in the friedhofen (35 000 euro) and the maintenance of the plant islands and trees (70 000 euro) was discussed after the open part. As for the computer upgrade in the elementary school, it is necessary to take into account a request or even to consider whether to apply for a request.

The council approved the allocation of funds for the projects.

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