The kitzingen lifters come into their own

The kitzingen lifters come into their own

Sometimes a step down doesn’t do you any harm to regain your strength. Physically and mentally. This is now also the case for the weightlifters of KSV kitzingen. Last season, they finished bottom of the table in the bavarian league. Now they are facing a new start in the frankenliga – refreshed in body and soul, as the two performances so far prove.

At the beginning of october, they had scored more than a thousand points against the second team of AC schweinfurt and made a successful debut. Now the whole thing repeated in rothenbach. There, too, a second team was waiting for the kitzingen team – and there, too, they scored a victory with 1009 points to 923.5 points.

KSV was not in its best line-up, but still well rested for this trial of strength. Benjamin uhl, thomas stohr, julius frank, raphael zink and philipp kamleiter took up the dumbbells, accompanied by supervisors michael fischer and eva kaluza. Already in the rubbing, the kitzingers had risen more than 57 points ahead (454.9:397.3). So the first point of the day went to her account. From the KSV point of view, the performances of kamleiter and frank, who each achieved a new personal best of 89 and 80 kilograms, deserve special mention.

Uhl also came close to his best performance with 104 kilograms and showed three valid attempts. In the auarttrend raphael zink showed a good performance with 87 kilo in the second attempt and an unsuccessful third attempt at 91 kilo.

The collision was much closer. Here the KSV had just 28 points advantage (554,1:526,2). This was mainly due to jakob hackel, the strongest rothenbach lifter. He had brought only 75 kilos into the rubbing, but shone with 127 kilos in the stoben. On the kitzingen side, julius frank achieved his best performance of 103 kilograms. Kamleiter broke the 100 kilo barrier for the first time. In good form were the experienced uhl and stohr, who lifted 132 and 109 kilograms, respectively, without missing a beat. So the point in the stoben also went to the kitzingers, who are now on 16. December to meet rothenbach’s first squad.

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