The walk through the cemetery should evoke memories

The walk through the cemetery should evoke memories

The cemetery walk on all saints’ day was described by hochstadt’s pastor kilian kemmer as a demonstration against forgetting and for a culture of remembrance. It was preceded in the early afternoon by a festive service in the city’s parish church st. George, who created a festive mood simply by the brilliant organ playing of reinhard doring.

In his sermon, kemmer drew a picture of the "fifth gospel, that every christian needs in order to hear the bible correctly, to understand it and to be able to act in accordance with the corresponding instructions. Such a "gospel in the flesh are people whose testimony of faith is contagious and inspiring. All these people, known or unknown, recognized or unrecognized by the church, are remembered by christianity on all saints’ day.

On the way to the cemetery, wolfgang koberlein said a contemplative prayer for the deceased. The ceremony was framed by the town band under the direction of georg romer with appropriate chorales for the commemoration of the dead.

Pastoral counselor monika urbasik described the cemetery as a "place of silence," despite the many communications that take place here. In her opinion, loving people do not need coarse words to convey closeness and to leave a mark. Silence conveys the feeling of having said and understood a lot without words.

The silence of a cemetery and the silent prayer at the graves of the deceased convey a feeling of love beyond death, despite all the pain and all the bitter finality. Christian faith also explains why: the dead live on with god, which creates clarity and trusting certainty.

Not only the sound system of the rough cemetery by the technical group of the hochstadter gymnasium under the direction of benedikt doring made sure that the words got across. With the easter song "praise to the death overcomer and the blessing of the graves by the clergymen georg paszek, james nangachiveetill and kilian kemmer ended a consoling demonstration against forgetting. LM

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