What drives the remogians out of their minds

What drives the remogians out of their minds

The "remogians, as the employees proudly call themselves, it is upsetting that the company for which they gave their all for decades is now publicly regarded as ailing. At a meeting on thursday, six employees, who do not want to give their names, explain what has demoralized them at work for a long time and why they are disappointed by the company management. In response to a telephone inquiry, managing director wilfried muller commented on a number of points.

The fact that they were not paid according to their performance, as they say, played a comparatively minor role when talking to employees. The fact that the employees have not felt valued by their company for a long time was a major issue. In their opinion, a kind of sell-out took place at the munnerstadt site, while a new company was built up in poland with EU subsidies. Managing director wilfried muller, on the other hand, says that everything that was invested in the company in poland did not come from munnerstadt. He stands by his statement that 90 percent of the production in poland has nothing to do with the site in munnerstadt.

Was the production relocated?

"Out of ten serial parts that can be seen on the remog polska website, seven were originally manufactured in munnerstadt", say the employees. "We wrote the machine programs in munnerstadt. The production was started here. And when everything went well, the production of these parts was moved to poland." "If i know which internet pictures are meant, i can refute that", says company boss muller. It is also possible that years ago the polish company had mass-produced parts that were also manufactured in munnerstadt, or that the polish company’s website was at times stocked with the products of both companies within the gmbh.

In this context, the employees criticized the fact that the government was blindly allowing company bosses in poland to use EU funds to build up large companies, while the parent plants in germany were bleeding to death and were eventually closed down. In the past, the employees said, they had wished that a minister of state would have come to munnerstadt at some point. "But no one was interested."

Orders were cancelled

When wilfried muller joined the company as managing director at the end of 1990, the employees were still being paid according to the collective wage agreement, the employees continue. Muller then announced the collective bargaining agreement in 2003. Since then, wages have remained constant for most of them. When asked, managing director muller does not want to let the latter stand, because wages have always been increased when the operational situation has allowed it, for example in october 2016 (2.5 percent) and in february 2018 (3 percent).

The employees are currently concerned, according to their own statements, that existing orders from customers have already been cancelled. In mid-february, for example, they had just prepared an order for the major customer liebherr. "The raw parts were ready. The machines were ready to go. Since the customer loved to stop everything, the parts had to come off the machine." In the meantime, a delegation from liebherr had also been to munnerstadt. The group of people studied the machine programs and took numerous photos. The employees went on to say that they had the feeling that the know-how they had acquired would simply be taken with them.

"The know-how belongs to the company for the time being", says muller in an interview with the editorial office. He confirms that liebherr stopped one of the orders. For the production of the series parts had been scheduled for a lead time of twelve months, during which 80 to 90 work steps had to be completed. This would not have been possible until the announced closure in the fall.

A wish and its execution

The employees are ambivalent about the behavior of the manager. For example, muller had already posted job offers from other companies on the company bulletin board in april and may. At christmas 2018, he then wished all employees a "happy and successful 2019" via the intranet desired. And on 25. In january, he announced that the closure of the site was probably imminent. They considered that a mockery, they say.

Muller justifies this silent call to apply elsewhere by saying that the works council had not accepted any staff reductions in mid-2018. Even the short-time employment did not come to fruition. On the other hand, it was clear that no more new orders were coming in.

No social plan has been negotiated at the company yet, but severance pay was already a topic, employees say on thursday. Because the managing director had already made it clear in 2018 that it would be possible to leave the company with a severance package at the end of last year. Per year should be paid for the regular staff 750 euros. The total amount was capped at 15,000 euros each. The workforce considers this to be an extremely meager offer, given the fact that there are numerous employees who have worked at remog for decades.

According to muller, the works council had "unfulfillable demands" at the time to the company management. In the second half of 2018, the company was already making losses and the company’s equity had to be attacked more and more often. He had to think about something and offered the severance package as an incentive for those willing to change the company. There were also a few employees who made use of them. Isolde krapf

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