Annegret kramp-karrenbauer’s climate offensive

Annegret kramp-karrenbauer's climate offensive

On the weekend, as greta thunberg stands entombed in the hambach forest, annegret kramp-karrenbauer calls for climate protection "with optimism and openness, with a spirit of research and imagination".

A "national climate consensus" is needed, she demands in a detailed guest article in "welt am sonntag". Sustainable development should be anchored in the constitution as a state goal, as proposed by bavarian prime minister markus soder (CSU). The choice of kramp-karrenbauer’s co-author shows that his own faction is on board: CDU member of parliament andreas jung is currently tinkering with the union’s climate protection concept together with his counterpart from the CSU, georg nublein.

So after eight months as CDU chairwoman, kramp-karrenbauer goes on the climate offensive. When she took up her new post in december, she was clearly preoccupied with other issues: the legacy of angela merkel’s migration policy, with which many in her own party also have reservations, the reconciliation with her bavarian sister party, the CSU, the sharpening of the conservative profile.

But at least the persistent strike-ready fridays for future activists and the success of the greens in the european elections in may have made it clear that no party can afford a programmatic gap in the fight against global warming any more. It didn’t help that after a violent video attack by youtube star rezo against the CDU’s climate policy, kramp-karrenbauer first thought out loud about rules for "opinion making" in election times. Chancellor merkel felt compelled to offer public advice: the most important thing was "to react openly to it first and not immediately reject it and say it’s all nothing," she advised the party leadership.

Kramp-karrenbauer was reasonable. "I have taken over the construction site and I want us to have worked on it by september in such a way that we can make a good impression," she said on ZDF in mid-june. In the meantime, time is of the essence: in six weeks, on the 20th of this month, the. September, the climate cabinet is supposed to decide on new plans of the federal government for the legal implementation of the climate targets until 2030. The government wants to save at least 55 percent of the greenhouse gas CO2 by then, compared to 1990 levels – germany is currently lagging behind.

So now kramp-karrenbauer cheerfully blasts to the attack. She is a far cry from the swedish climate icon thunberg’s choice of words ("time is running out"). She leaves the emotion to the german astronaut alexander gerst, whose words about the "fragile spaceship earth" she quotes right at the beginning of her speech. Let the activists complain, AKK relies on climate protection "with the right basic attitude", as she elaborates in berlin this evening. Recently, "a lot has been said about climate protection, about bans, about restrictions. Not so the CDU: "we want a concept with innovations, with optimism, and above all one that takes people along with it, that makes them part of the solution, so to speak."

For the CDU leader, environmental protection is "an engine of innovation and thus an important economic competitive factor," according to her guest speech. She also wants a tax reform with "relief for citizens and businesses": "we are concerned here with better climate protection, not with more government revenue."

And she warns that people must not become "losers of a well-intentioned policy". "We want to and must take all people with us on this journey," demand jung and kramp-karrenbauer. Climate protection does not have to hurt, she says. Perhaps one reason why the two have not taken up the call of the intergovernmental panel on climate change on thursday for more climate-friendly agriculture and a diet rich in vegetables. "We must successfully manage these changes step by step so that there is no imbalance between those who can afford to move at a fast pace and those who are left behind."

It’s not about "politics against the car" but about an "attractive railroad and eco-cars," write kramp-karrenbauer and jung, "sustainable mobility for everyone. Speaking of "sustainable": the word appears in variations fourteen times in the guest article. The energetic reorganization of buildings is to be demanded fiscally, for old oil heaters there is to be a "scrapping pramie". And just as a federal budget without new debt, the "black zero," is intended to protect future generations from excessive debt, so in the future "green zero" should stand for "climate neutrality.

"We can achieve green zero!"This is the title of the CDU leader’s climate essay. Her predecessor merkel once chose a very similar formulation, in the summer four years ago, when so many refugees came to germany. Most people still measure them by this.

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