Easter decorations and sube temptations

Easter decorations and sube temptations

Easter bunnies, lambs, fish, hearts and ducks as far as the eye could see. At the easter bazaar in haus fischbachtal, the numerous visitors could again hardly decide between the many different motifs. "It’s incredible what qualitat you get here", said a woman from coburg, who has been coming regularly to the easter and christmas bazaar for several years and who always brings the whole family with her. "Because you can also drink coffee here in such a great and cozy way."

Tufting on great cakes

For this reason, the cafeteria is almost always filled to capacity at the bazaars, and the rush for the cake buffet hardly wears off. This year, however, there was a very special story behind all this: namely that of christine greim from bayreuth. She is a resident in the house fischbachtal, which belongs to the german order and she had thought of something very special: "there was since january once a week a pie challenge." Since then she had always stood in the kitchen one day a week with chef michael kraus and tinkered with her recipes. "We tried so many fillings, weighed every gram, tweaked the ingredients until everything fitted."

The residents were especially happy about the cake marathon, because they were allowed to eat everything, of course. "I can’t see any more cakes or pies for a while" confessed christine greim, who is actually a trained geriatric nurse.

Nevertheless, she is already on the prowl again, namely for new recipes for the christmas bazaar. "I’ve already got lots of great ideas for special fillings."

Director gerhard steidl was satisfied with the large number of visitors: "our residents are pleased about so much appreciation of their work." Rudy burger, head of the creative department, had every reason to be proud of the whole team: "it is unbelievable how many people appreciate our work."

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