Fascination callenberg castle

fascination callenberg castle

When hubertus hereditary prince of saxony-coburg and gotha starts talking about callenberg castle, he quickly gets into the black: "on the one hand, i'm fascinated by the history of the building – and then, of course, it's also very beautiful!" For him it is "one of the most beautiful forest castles of all", which is why he would be happy if it would (again) establish itself with many coburgers as a place that one likes to visit, where one likes to linger. "For example, in connection with a gentle winter walk through the callenberg forest!"

Prince hubertus, who at the beginning of the year took over the management of the ducal foundation administration from his father prince andreas and thus also took over responsibility for callenberg castle, does not like the term "museum. Instead, he describes callenberg castle as "a piece of family history", in which the ducal art collection see is. The german schutzenmuseum is also an important pillar, but above all prince hubertus wants to create the image of a "living callenberg" transport.

The castle was particularly lively on sunday, 9. December. This is the premiere of an event that is intended to provide a deliberate counterbalance to the often hectic and commercial pre-christmas period. At "christmas magic on callenberg families in particular are invited to come and enjoy a few hours of contemplation from 2 to 6 pm.

Prince hubertus is grateful that many partners have found each other. For example, the german schutzenbund, chorus leader antoinette bafas and, above all, the lions club coburg veste. Whose action "lesipold will be taken up, namely christmas stories will be read aloud. Prince hubertus himself will also pick up a book and read something, as will his wife, kelly princess of saxony-coburg and gotha. "She will read christmas stories in english", betrayal of the prince.

Other items on the program for this afternoon: singing, handicrafts – and decorating a large christmas tree together. In the red salon of the castle there will also be a christmas cafe. The proceeds of the afternoon – both from admission and from the sale of food and drinks – will be donated to the "sterntaler" charity donated by the coburg child protection agency. Admission costs eight euros for adults, children up to 12 years of age are admitted free of charge.

Albert, victoria and wagner
The "christmas magic but this should only be the beginning to bring callenberg castle back into the consciousness of the people in coburg city and country. Prince hubertus has been able to win the coburg adult education center as a partner for three musically framed lecture events in 2013. Also always present: musicologist angelika tasler, who attended the casimirianum high school together with prince hubertus.

Kick-off is on valentine's day, 14. February. Then angelika tasler will deal with the love letters of queen victoria and prince albert. In the spring – in keeping with the wagner year – an event on the theme of "duke ernst II" is planned. And richard wagner planned. In the fall, angelika tasler will play the role of herzog ernst II. Light up as a composer.

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