Fsv needs a final furioso

Fsv needs a final furioso

On the stage of the fubballkreis erlangen/pegnitzgrund the curtain rises for the last act of the season. For most teams there is nothing left to play for, the summer break can come. The promotion celebrations have been celebrated, bitter pills have been swallowed. Only in the first division are two teams, FSV grobenseebach and spvgg heroldsbach, still struggling to stay in the top flight. And in A-class 1, the question arises: will frauenaurach be promoted as second or as champions after all??

Kreisliga 1 ER/PEG: FSV grobenseebach (14.) – DJK kersbach (10.)

It is prepared for a relegation thriller. While spvgg heroldsbach, which is in a somewhat better position, can secure its place in the league on its own merits with a victory over neighboring DJK oesdorf, FSV grobenseebach, which is in a tough league, is dependent on help from a guardian. Uebler squad receives DJK kersbach on home turf. "I don't have time for this, says heroldsbach's head of training stefan hiltl with a view to the FSV result.
However, he knows that countless supporters, reserve players and injured players will keep their eyes on their cell phones and the live ticker. He himself only looks at his team and does not want to rely on kersbacher schutzenhilfe. Hiltl's colleagues are in a similar position: "we want to do our part to make sure it's at least exciting, but I don't look at the other game until after the final whistle, says andreas uebler. He is in good spirits that his troop will keep the race for the class preservation exciting, especially since the FSV is strong at home. For four games grobenseebach is undefeated at home, took ten points.
"Unfortunately we didn't manage to take anything away from the tournament, despite good matches." One payer has heroldsbach still ahead – with an own defeat and a draw of the grobenseebacher hour even a decisive game in the room. "Then without me, betrayal of the vacationing uebler – and this planning gives a deep insight: he probably did not expect to have to tremble until the last day of play for the class preservation. Similar to heroldsbach, which seemed already secured in mid-april.

District 1 ER/PEG

For the first time since the revival of play in the 2007/2008 season, when the club was promoted to the league championship at the first attempt, TSV vestenbergsgreuth has had to leave the district league again. They are followed by the reserves from tennenlohe and hebdorf, who only lost their chance to stay in the class in the last few weeks. Victoria erlangen has been crowned champions, FSV erlangen-bruck II hopes to follow its local rival into the district league via the relegation phase. The catching up of the hammerbacher SV, which had collected only nine points at the beginning of october, was remarkable, but with the 5:0 against greuth the knot burst. HSV is currently eighth with 42 points, two points behind spvgg etzelskirchen, which has lost only one of its last eight games and is thus the best promoted team in the league. Spvgg uehlfeld played a decent season as a relegated team, but lost out in the top matches and was therefore unable to close the gap on the leading team.

A-class 1 ER/PEG: FC herzogenaurach II (1.) – TSV frauenaurach (2.)

The best at the beginning: one day before the other games, FC herzogenaurach II and TSV frauenaurach will play their duel for the title on saturday at 4 p.M., both have been promoted already. The "little pumas had only jumped to the top position on the penultimate matchday thanks to a TSV slip-up. A point against SC herzogenaurach-nord is enough for turkish SV erlangen to defend relegation place 3 against the third team of SV tennenohe (against munchaurach). ATSV erlangen III, ASV herzogenaurach and TSV rottenbach II will all be playing in the bottom division.

A-class 2 ER/PEG

All decisions have been made: champion SV buckenhofen II moves up to the district division. Just like TSV neuhaus, with which new coach thanasi chiarelli succeeded in doing what his predecessors had missed after relegation in 2009. The adelsdorf reserve goes into the relegation phase. SC neuses, TSV drugendorf and DJK kersbach II have been relegated.

B-class 1 ER/PEG

The formation of a SG with ASV weisendorf III proved to be the right decision for FC niederlindach after relegation. In year 1 of the new constellation, the team of trainer-dous heinz ruhl and nexhat zekiri remained without defeat and returned to the A-class as champions. As second in the table, ASV niederndorf II also goes high. The newly founded team of atletico erlangen just failed to make it.

B-class 2 ER/PEG

SC hertha aisch, the only first team to be declared a favorite, has to be content with a mid-table position, but can be a fly in the ointment when it comes to answering the question of the championship: zeckern II is first in the table, taking into account a pending match evaluation by the sports court. Hertha defies the primus by at least one point – spvgg etzelskirchen II could still grab the title. Provided they win at the second guard of the SG hochstadt/gremsdorf.

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