Hochstadt school crossing helpers put their heart and soul into their work

Hochstadt school crossing helpers put their heart and soul into their work

In wind and weather, they stand on the road early in the morning so that children can get to school more safely. Recently, mayor gerald brehm invited the school walk helpers to the "weberskeller" to thank you for your exemplary volunteer work.

No accident for more than 20 years

Brehm emphasized that the school route service was introduced more than 20 years ago. Since then, there have been no accidents with children on their way to school in the morning.

The school crossing helpers at the vogelseck crossing and at the albrecht-durer-strabe in etzelskirchen did their job with great dedication and heart and soul.

Monika jeromin has been with the company for 23 years

The mayor made a special mention of the work of the "original father" the traffic warden, siegfried nurnberger. There was also a big praise for monika jeromin (23 years of school route service) and the grobelternpaar evelin and dieter gropp (eleven years). According to brehm, it would be already, if all parents of school-age children would show such willingness.

The principal of the anton wolker elementary school, rosi wagner, was pleased to join in the words of thanks. "In all weathers, whether it's snowing, raining or extremely warm, you stand on the school path and give the children safe guidance."

Thomas gamm, deputy chief of the hochstadt police department, also spoke of a valuable service for the most vulnerable road users. "A human being at the crossroads is more valuable than any traffic sign", he said.

23 helpers and many guides

23 school crossing helpers and numerous school crossing guards are currently on duty in hochstadt, summarized siegfried nurnberger. He thanked the sparkasse and raiffeisenbank in hochstadt as well as the traffic police for their support.



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