In kurzewind, more costs are incurred

Wind and rain blew on the ears of the members of the ebern building committee on their tour wednesday evening. "There is a lot of money buried here that we don't even see", said mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD) during a site inspection at the former barracks, where a rainwater retention basin and sewers are being rehabilitated.

Cleanup in barracks area

On site, martin lang, head of the construction office of the ebern administrative community, explained that a specialist company is currently busy renovating a rainwater retention basin in the upper area of the land where the tank reconnaissance battalion 12 was formerly stationed. "This basin has a diameter of 14 meters", said lang. Because nothing was done to it for a long time, various damages had occurred. The damage will be "underground" repaired, said the mayor. In addition to the interior renovation, three new shaft uncoverings had to be straightened, explained martin lang. He cited the amount needed for the cleanup: 173000 euros. Channel rehabilitation in former barracks area costs 468,000 euros. The work is expected to be completed by the end of the year. "You don't see anything of what is being renovated there", according to mayor hennemann.
In the kurzewind district, a small clearing system is currently being built, sewers and cables are being laid, and the entire width of the road is being reconstructed. Here martin lang explained that there are sometimes "high problems" of the canal. "But everything could be solved", he said.
On site, he showed what kind of base course the road has had so far. "The structure is 25 to 30 centimeters thick." Through the so-called "conservation acceptance" 700 square meters of pavement will be rebuilt in a short time, explained the mayor.
The additional sum of 15,000 euros for this project was covered by the amount allocated in the budget for the city's road maintenance program, so the citizens of kurzewind did not have to bear any additional costs.

Further maintenance work

At the end of kurzewind in the direction of gereuth, electricity and broadband cables will be installed over a length of about 150 meters, which could not be laid in the strip of grass next to the road. "Therefore", according to martin lang, head of the construction office. The reconstruction of the pavement will then be done with a proper substructure, he said. The costs for this amount to approximately 10,000 euros. This is also to be financed through conservation levies without any further burden for the citizens. The construction committee agreed to the acceptance of the m. Martin lang summarized: "the canal will cost 290 000 euro. The construction of the road will cost 105,000 euros and the amount for the retention basin is 58,000 euros, for the small clarification plant 32,000 euros."

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