Mixed results after the ofra in coburg

Mixed results after the ofra in coburg

After the fair is before the fair: already in december peter kinold wants to talk about the upper franconia exhibition 2015 in coburg. "We need to know, for example, how things will go on at the anger", says kinold. "Is there a hotel coming or not?"

The plans for a fundamental redesign of the angers are still on the table, even if it is currently very unlikely that they will be realized. Only the construction of a new school gymnasium in the southern part of the bennobenz sports complex is currently being pushed forward. But kinold, who wants to hold another regional fair on the anger in two years, needs to know today whether the space will still be available to him in the fall of 2015. At least he already has some ideas, what he wants to implement then.

Visitor decline
But first the just finished fair has to be dismantled and accounted for. Around 54.800 visitors attended the nine days of the exhibition – almost 5,000 fewer than at the show two years ago. Even though some advance sales have not yet been settled, the target of 60.000 visitors missed. Monday and tuesday in particular, with bad weather, had a bad effect on visitor statistics, says kinold. "We could not make up for it."

Fewer visitors, which is particularly noticeable in kinold's own coffers. The exhibitors had to suffer less from it, because "there were the correct visitors there", stresses the organizer. At least some of the exhibitors had good sales, he says. "The gemusehobel were sold out on sunday afternoon, although they had already reordered once." Also an exhibitor of stoves ("no cheap goods!") had been very satisfied.

Brazen slump
Others had more bad luck: in the night to wednesday there had been a burglary in a fair hall. Kinold has never experienced anything like this in 31 years of business. He is cautious about the extent of the damage: so far, no one has been able to put a precise figure on what is missing. A leather and fur trader, whose stand had been cleared out, had the damage to 20.000 euros estimated. To get to the goods, the burglars cut a hole in the wall of the hall. Kinold explained that the problem in coburg is that the gate to the bennobenz sports complex behind the exhibition grounds cannot be completely blocked off because it is designated as a fire department access and escape route. "But if someone comes over the gate, I have to prevent him from going further."

Too good or too bad a location
Kinold had to contend with seemingly contradictory currents even beforehand. On the one hand, many craft businesses already had their order books full for 2014. "They don't go to the fair anymore." Others, on the other hand, suffer from poor sales and can neither spare the money nor the staff for a trade fair stand. In the wake of the praktiker bankruptcy, extra-bau canceled its participation. Kinold was able to rent out some of the space at short notice, "but there were of course vacancies. We don't give anything away!"

Even more so than this time, the upper franconia exhibition must set thematic focal points, kinold emphasizes. An allocation of the halls according to topics would also have a greater attraction effect on the audience. Kinold mentions topics such as building-refurbishing-energy, but also travel and wellness. There have already been approaches, but the economic situation also plays a role here: "in solar energy, many manufacturers and traders are currently breaking away from the market."

New topics
For this, he says, he can imagine devoting an entire hall to the design from upper franconia the next time around. Or to create a special platform for start-up companies, although this has already failed once. "With the topic enjoyment region we are much too weakly positioned. We need a food court, where you can taste the regional products. Unfortunately, this was not yet possible this year for various reasons." He says he is in negotiations with the regional management of the city and district as well as individual institutions. But no matter what the focus is, the cucumber slicers will always be there at these fairs. "If I didn't have the cucumber slicer, visitors would stand with me in the fair office", he recalls a trial in wolfsburg without such providers.

More young people
Local crafts should also use the upper franconia exhibition to recruit young talent, kinold hopes. In fulda, this succeeds. There the handicraft relocates its rough training hall partly on the fairgrounds. "Then schools come there, and there's a buzz in the hall. Then the schools also have no problem motivating the youngsters." In order to appeal to a young audience, kinold can also imagine giving clubs a platform next time.

But apart from all the considerations about the content and the topics of the fair, there are some very practical ones: this year, the schutzenstrabe was available to the stand operators as a parking lot. Pleasant for them, bad for the visitors, because they had to squeeze past the cars on the way to the entrance. Here, too, kinold wants to look for a new solution: "maybe we can develop something great here in this strab."

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