The entrepreneur pays the bill

Regarding the proceedings at the wachenroth company murk: when the last tree is felled, you don't have to be surprised if there is no more forest. If there are no more entrepreneurs, don't be surprised if there are no more jobs. Many see the entrepreneur as a cow to be milked or a ravenous wolf to be beaten to death. No one in the company sees the horse that pulls the cart.

The employee also has to accept considerable cuts due to the corona crisis, but is cushioned socially by continued payment of wages in the event of illness, short-time allowance and unemployment benefit. In many cases, there are no savings for emergencies, or people are not prepared to use them during the crisis.

Entrepreneurs pay the bill for the corona crisis. They receive no social benefits, in most cases have no income and still have to bear losses from their savings, not even for themselves, but for the costs of the company. It is thought that the state supports these companies to survive.

But the truth is different. If, for example, an entrepreneur loses five million euros in sales through no fault of his own due to the corona crisis, he has received immediate assistance from the state in the event of liquidity problems and threat to his existence, up to a maximum of 50,000 euros. This is one percent of the damage. If someone suffers an accidental damage of 5000 euros through no fault of his own, this would mean that he would receive compensation of 50 euros.

In the second phase, the state decided to support the company with loans from the k, but limited the amount of the loan to 800,000 euros. These loans are also primarily used to pay wage costs, as these costs are no longer covered by revenues. For the loan the entrepreneur must pay three percent interest. With a market interest rate of one percent, this means a risk premium of 200 percent.

The entrepreneur in the corona crisis has no more income, is in no way socially protected, must pay the costs of the enterprise, in particular wage costs, from his reserves. If he has no funds available, he will have to take on debt, which will be repayable at a high interest rate, at a time when he already has much less turnover due to the corona crisis.

Simply an economic catastrophe for many entrepreneurs.

Public opinion should not kick the down-and-out entrepreneurs, but stand up for the entrepreneurs and extend a hand so that the entrepreneurs get up again and persevere, because without entrepreneurs there are no jobs.

Rudolf ziegler Gundelsheim


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