Wish for flowers on the livestock market

Wish for flowers on the livestock market

There are many who would like to see more green in the livestock market. "In languages one is always asked about it", said norbert schaub, SPD spokesman. His faction had therefore submitted a motion a few weeks ago that the city should place plant cubes on the square. The motion now ran aground in the building, forestry and environment committee due to different design views.

"The trees are not yet very rough", explained schaub. Planting cubes would therefore provide additional quality of stay. It was a matter of creating an eye-catcher with something flowering, said his caucus colleague rita schaupp. According to the SPD’s proposal, the city should make the cubes available, and the fruit and garden association would take care of the maintenance and seasonal planting.

Elisabeth assmann (grune/bfu) supported the proposal. She said: "my concern would be more shade." She brought a "vertical reasoning" as well as raised beds and "urban gardening", the gardening use of small areas in the public space.

Patrick bindrum (CSU), on the other hand, pointed out that additional plant cubes would conflict with the planners’ general design concept. Therefore, they would certainly have something against it. Bindrum explained that the square is just as the design was intended to be, which was selected. He also said this in principle with regard to possible later discussions on the planned burghers’ house, for which there is also a competition design.

Bindrum mentioned the opinion of the jury of the architect competition for the viehmarkt. It speaks of a nuchterne place without frills. Dominik sitter (burgerliste obereschenbach) criticized that the city is bound to the architects’ specifications in this way.

That the architects would not be enthusiastic about the plant cubes on the viehmarkt was confirmed by the city’s master builder detlef mohr. The banks had already been the subject of discussion. According to mohr, a border along the houses was still the easiest variant to implement. With it no cubes were storen with meetings, on which burgermeister armin warmuth (CSU) pointed out. "I don’t want us to have to carry cubes back and forth all the time", he says.

A few months ago, for some time, there were corten steel plant troughs like the one now in bahnhofstrabe at the cattle market. Warmuth described the project as a trial run. "The cubes have rusted the pavement", bindrum reported. Mohr explained the rust traces by the fact that the cubes had been erected too early – before the surface had completely rusted through. Corten steel forms a characteristic corrosion layer that is intended to protect the deeper layers of steel.
The plant cubes that were now under discussion in the building committee were coated. They had been colored to match the rest of the furniture in the market, such as the benches. But the SPD’s proposal failed. With 5:6 the committee members voted against the installation of plant cubes.

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