Wolfsberg sangers inspire in herzogenaurach

Wolfsberg sangers inspire in herzogenaurach

The enthusiastic audience in herzogenaurach experienced "non-stop hits" a fantastic concert in the clubhouse, where the enthusiasm of the audience was transferred to the stage and vice versa. "Simply super, really super, fantastic", the visitors were enthusiastic at the end of the very entertaining concert evening. The "herzochor under the direction of gerald fink had invited and as guests the "realschulchor", directed by nina porner, as well as "the nephews of aunt eleonor" won from the twin town wolfsberg. The austrians continued the celebrations of the twinning anniversary with their acclaimed performance.

The "herzochor with its more than 70 active members, took up almost the entire width of the hall and was accompanied on the flugel by the choir’s pianist, singer and vocal coach andrea kaschel, as well as by hannes klein on drums. The choir entertained the audience with songs like "tie a yellow ribbon", "only you and "thank you for the flowers and "uber sieben brucken musst du geh’n" (over seven bridges you must go) and thanked them with the lyrics of the pop group abba "thank you for the music".

Schoolchildren have fun at the performance

The secondary school choir also made a strong impression. The "herzochor had already performed together with the schoolchildren at the klosterfruhling, but the choir was also enthusiastic at the summer concert of the secondary school.

Gerald fink was so fascinated by the contributions of the young choir and especially by the soloists that he even forgave the moderation before the common performance. "The young voices are simply wonderful, it is a pleasure to listen to them", fink praised the young choir. One had the impression that the performance could have lasted a few more hours, both for the singers and for their guests.

But behind the stage waited with "the nephews of aunt eleonor" probably one of the most innovative a cappella bands in austria. The guest stars from the twin town of wolfsberg set another musical highlight. "We are talent-free, that means we can’t do anything", they said right at the beginning and thanked their supervisor johanna from the labor office, to whom they dedicated a song.

But of course they can do something. The four singers tommy schmid, christoph murke, marko zeiler and andi hobel won the prestigious competition "karnten choir of the year" and are just as present on the stages as on television. Besides their demanding songs, mainly own compositions, their humor inspires the audience. "The aunt hochstpersonlich took care for our education. It’s just a pity that the old lady hardly leaves her house anymore. Not even to be at a concert of her boys", the four singers.

Imaginary percussion

The "nephews are – although they also sing carinthian songs – not a classical choir, it was learned. What distinguishes the nephews from a choir is the accompaniment in the form of vocal percussion and rhythmic bass. The group also sings rock and pop from xavier naidoo via prince to michael jackson, but of course also numerous own compositions with a lot of humor and little show interludes behind the microphone. The audience rewarded the groovy and sonorous performance with justifiable applause.

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