Athens: claim for war damages still possible

Athens: claim for war damages still possible

The greek government continues to reserve the right to demand reparations from germany for damage caused during the second world war.

"What is historically right must be addressed at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way and at the appropriate hour," said auben minister nikos kotzias on thursday after a meeting with his german counterpart heiko maas in athens.

The greek parliamentary president nikos voutsis had recently announced during a speech in a town on crete destroyed by the wehrmacht that he wanted to present the results of a year-long investigation into reparation claims before the end of the year.

Three years ago, a commission of experts convened by parliament estimated the extent of the war damage at at least 289 billion euros. It is expected that the parliament in athens will refer to this study in december.

"I believe every government respects its parliament. That is why we will look at this report when the parliamentary president presents it," said kotzias. "And we are going to make an effort."

Also in poland there are efforts to demand reparations for the damage caused by nazi germany in the second world war. For germany the subject is closed with the two plus four treaty signed in 1990 as the international basis for german reunification. It states that "no further repairs" are foreseen.

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