Brunn: inge kirch created stations of the cross

Brunn: inge kirch created Stations of the Cross

"I was totally surprised and perplexed and refused when father rigobert approached me in 1989 with the offer to paint a stations of the cross with 14 pictures for the church in brunn", the munnerstadt artist inge kirch (74) described to the numerous visitors the week before last in the church st. Sebastian in brunn. But if you look around the small church, which was built around 1400 and expanded in 1957, you will find on the walls – a stations of the cross with the usual 14 motifs about the suffering of christ, created in oil on canvas by inge kirch.

This way of the cross is, she says herself, the most important and roughest work she has created. This evening with inge kirch was for the listeners an inner preparation on the way to carol week and easter. Inge kirch explained that the church had also been renovated in the course of its expansion in 1957. But the newly created abstract paintings on the walls did not like at all. The walls were therefore painted, and remained so for many years.

In 1989, however, said father rigobert marx (1938-2009) wanted to persuade them to create a way of the cross for the church. "I refused, but rigobert lieb did not relax", smiled inge kirch. That’s why she suggested to him that she first paint a single picture "and then we can talk further". No sooner said than done. Father rigobert liked it and also in the diocese in wurzburg they thought it was "quite good" and also agreed. So inge kirch started to work after all. She had looked at other crosses. "They were all painted with a very dark background, I did not want that", she realized and "i wanted to paint in such a way that the pictures would fit into the church". There’s nothing worse than when colors rub together". She picked up colors from the church.


Per dart to neuses (kronach): behind every goal a surprise

Per dart to neuses (kronach): behind every goal a surprise

Almost we had passed. Although traffic has to slow down to 70 kilometers per hour at the exit to the kronach district of neuses, photographer matthias hoch and i almost miss the exit. As it turned out later that day, that would have been a damn shame. Because behind almost every door of this small town on the river rodach, which at first glance seems very inconspicuous, live incredibly interesting people. And: they all kindly invite us in to share their exciting stories with us.

We gladly accept the offer, not only because the threatening rain clouds hovering over the area should actually pour down on us in the course of the day. But from the beginning. As usual in this summer series, we follow the exact coordinates of my dart and end up in the middle of the forest. More precisely, at kachelmannsberg, which rises northwest of neuses above the busy federal highway 173. Since we don’t want to wait for a walker or jogger to join us, we walk along the gravel path towards the valley. We meet a rough property, brigitte fiedlers ferienhof.

The people here all seem much younger

The almost 80-year-old rents out rustic rooms, mostly to assembly workers, but occasionally also to tourists. Head of pension and maid in personal union: her daughter often helps out, but on the whole the rusty senior keeps the business running on her own. "In the past we had cows, later we bred horses", tells them. Successful, some animals made it to good stables around the world in the course of time. Since the death of her husband, the lady, who looks at least 15 years younger, has concentrated on the hostel. Not just for the money. "What should i do alone in the rough house?"


Visitors come to the historical market in ebermannstadt despite the rain

visitors come to the historical market in ebermannstadt despite the rain

To the 23. The historical market in the lower barn district in ebermannstadt in connection with an open sunday in the city center was attended by many visitors despite adverse weather conditions.

Eckart henzler (55) from weismain has his work cut out for him. Under the motto "I’ll carve you your favorite animal" he invites children to his stand to carve american wild animals out of wood and give them the right shape using his carving technique. "Because of the rain showers that come every now and then, i am busy rubbing the wooden figures dry again and again," he explains, tells the 55-year-old, who is attending the historic market for the first time. "The children get a sandpaper from me and were allowed to help with their animal", tells henzler. This allowed the children to identify with the material and then also with their animal. In winter, henzler makes wooden nativity figures, in summer they are wooden animals. What is particularly popular with children? "Contrary to the trend, girls today are increasingly opting for crocodiles and boys for dolphins", reports henzler. At the stand of the beekeepers association ebermannstadt cashier thomas dehler has stand duty. In addition to information about beekeeping, he also sells honey. A total of four types are offered for sale: forest and blood honey, creamy blood honey, summer blood honey and spring blood honey. "Today, people especially like to buy forest and blood honey", betrayal dehler. "The forest and blood honey has a slightly harsher taste", he explains. Right after that comes the creamy blood honey, which is particularly good as a spread on bread and rolls, says the beekeeper.

Topic referendum

Of course, the stand of the beekeepers’ association will also be used to talk about the "save the bees" petition discussed. For thomas dehler, this is a step in the right direction, but only a small one. In his opinion a general rethinking must take place in the heads of humans. On the one hand, dehler thinks it’s okay that farmers are now being forced by law to preserve and expand the habitats of bees through certain mowing practices. But he also warns against too much regulation and breaks a lance for agriculture. The farmers themselves had already done a lot for the preservation of the bees in recent years. Whether the way to simply put another law over the already much-flawed agriculture is the right way, he leaves open. He appeals to the citizens: "the domestic lawn must really be mowed weekly? Not everything we think is weed is actually weed for the bees." Every private person can do something for the preservation of the bees by creating flowerbeds on private property and not opting for a rock garden.


Raising the protective wall at the sagewerk

Raising the protective wall at the sagewerk

The wall at the reinlein steel mill, which is located directly on the schlusselfelder strabe in geiselwind, has to be dimensioned higher than originally planned for reasons of arm protection.

At the meeting of the municipal council, mayor ernst nickel informed that measurements were taken from the opposite residents, which gave this result. In order to achieve better protection, it must in future be four meters high over a length of 30 meters, instead of the current 2.65 meters.

According to mayor nickel, the neighbors have gone to court to demand an increase in the price. Measurements were then taken, an expert opinion was drawn up and the result was that the crash barrier had to be extended to this height. The municipality now has to decide whether to allow the wall at the eastern entrance to the town.


Homeland friends have lifted up the lock keeper’s house

homeland friends have lifted up the lock keeper's house

Josef hofbauer the little lock-keeper’s house in forchheim stands lonely, somehow out of time, at the crossroads of adenaueralle and bamberger-strabe. The facade of the building, which was erected around 1841, has been renovated. In addition, the building received new windows, wooden shutters painted light blue and a new door. The members of the heimatverein contributed about 33,000 euros to the project. The second half of the costs will be borne by the city of forchheim.

At the presentation of the work, dieter george, chairman of the local heritage society, recalled the history of the building. From here, a lock-keeper kept an eye on shipping traffic on the forchheim section of the 172.4-kilometer canal, which was officially completed in 1840. The former level of the canal and the stairs leading down to the back of the house can still be seen in the color of the masonry on the front side of the house today.

Former canal, today an avenue

Schrag reports that there used to be a real harbor on the barthelmann site, just north of the schlossla inn.


“Hutburger” close to pegida leaves saxon police force

The pegida supporter who drew the controversial police action against the ZDF in dresden quits his job at the saxon state criminal investigation department (LKA) and leaves the police force. This was announced by the authorities on thursday.

In the LKA there had been a conversation with the tariff employee and his lawyer. With his consent, the employee will now "perform another, adequate activity outside of the police saxony". The delegation will be sent to the 3. September 2018 effective.

The man wearing an angler’s hat in german colors, also known as "hutburger," had protested loudly against television recordings by ZDF on the fringes of a pegida demonstration during a visit by chancellor angela merkel (CDU). In addition, he had accused the journalists of committing a crime with it. As a result of a complaint filed by a third party, civil servants had been arrested on 16 january 2011. August a ZDF team detained for more than 45 minutes.


A glamping vacation: the luxurious family camping vacation on the adriatic sea

Thanks to numerous last-minute offers, last-minute travelers can find dream destinations in the sunny south even at short notice if they want to escape the german weather. The italian adriatic continues to be the most popular destination for travelers. But instead of booking into a hotel, many german vacationers have discovered camping in its luxurious variant, so-called glamping. This vacation of a very special kind is bookable at vacanceselect. The art word "glamping means glamourous camping. The u.S. And british have created this trend, which is also becoming increasingly popular in the rest of europe.

Campsites with a feel-good factor

Modern campsites no longer have much in common with the campfire romance of earlier years, when camping holidaymakers had to put up with many restrictions. The resorts themselves offer a wide range of leisure activities such as playgrounds, wellness facilities and, of course, an exquisite cuisine. And the tents for the luxurious camping vacation leave nothing to be desired. Some of them are very mobile, so that travelers can leave their sleeping bags and camping mats at home with a clear conscience. Another advantage: the glampers can design their vacation completely individually and get to know several regions, provided they can also book the luxury accommodation for a shorter stay.


Local supply: still no butcher in sight in wallenfels

The future of local amenities in wallenfels was discussed at an event held by the local CSU association at the youth center. "My heart bleeds when there's a good artisan baker in wallenfels and someone comes from netto with baked rolls", said the head baker, gerhard loffler. He took part in the discussion round, as did the chairman of the district medical association uwe fleischmann, master butcher eberhard kraus and the chairwoman of the senior citizens' association bianca fischer-kilian.

Advertise at master schools

At the beginning, the chairwoman of the women's union, sibylle fugmann, who moderated the discussion, asked how the gap between town and country can be bridged. Eberhard kraus, a butcher from kronach, who was asked about a branch after the closure of the last butcher's store in floberstadt, said that he had a lot to do in kronach and that his succession was not assured there either, so he could not take on any more work at the age of 58. As an advantage in wallenfels he sees that butchery buildings are still available, perhaps one could make intensive advertising for it at the master schools, after all, an "initial equipment" costs also a lot of money. As an overprint you could also include a vending cart in the considerations.

The baker's chief gerhard loffler took a similar view, appealing in particular to the buying behavior of the local burghers. Because of the quantities purchased, you simply can't compete with the big players. While some large-scale enterprises produce a million pieces a day without taking them into their hands, the local baker produces just 100 pieces in the same period, according to loffler. In wallenfels, the burghers still had it in their own hands to keep their backer, he said.


Lions demand theater visits

Lions demand theater visits

The bad kissingen lions club makes it possible: in the 2019/20 season, eighth-graders from the bad kissingen state secondary school will again be able to see three performances at the schloss mabbach theater. In addition to attending the performances, there will be debriefings, meetings with actors and tours of the theater. In addition, the students write reviews about the plays they have seen, according to julia kren, the theater pedagogue in mabbach.

Three plays visited

Rainer-maria geisler, president of the bad kissingen lions club, and past-president wolfgang dunisch met at the theater with the deputy principal of the secondary school, julia waldner, and teacher jorg schwerteck, as well as theater director anne maar and the theater pedagogue, to discuss the final details of this event, for which the lions club is raising around 3500 euros from its coffers. Around 150 schoolchildren from six classes, a few more than last year, go to the theater this time thanks to the initiative of the lions club. In the 2018/19 school year, which has just ended, the realschule students visited three very different plays to experience the whole range of what theater has to offer.

In the intimate theater they saw the drama "biedermann and the arsonists" by max frisch, in the theater im pferdestall the youth play "nachtblind" (night blind) by darja stocker and finally in the open-air stage the comedy "we are the new" based on the film by ralf westhoff. In the new school year, a wide variety of plays were chosen for the high school students to introduce them to the diversity of the theater. In the intimate theater you can see theodor storms stuck "the rider of the white horse, the comedy "honey in the head" at the open-air theater after the film by til schweiger as well as in the horse stable another piece, which still has to develop and for which there is only a working title so far (according to julia kren).