Deutsche bahn wants to grow with automatic coupling in good traffic

Deutsche Bahn wants to grow with automatic coupling in good traffic

Deutsche bahn wants to significantly increase its market share in freight transport with the introduction of an automatic coupler and become more competitive compared to trucks.

The aim is to increase the market share from 18 to 25 percent, which would correspond to 25 million truck trips per year, said sigrid nikutta, member of the executive board of guterverkehrs, at the presentation of prototypes of the new coupling in minden, westphalia, to dpa.

The research project to develop the digital automatic coupler is being funded by the federal ministry of transport to the tune of 13 million euros. In addition to the german railroads, the swiss and austrian guterbahn and private wagon owners are involved in the project. The aim is to have all good wagons in europe replaced by 2030. The costs for this are estimated at 1 to 1.5 billion euros in germany and a total of 6.5 to 8.5 billion euros in europe.


End of a smartphone era: google puts android in new hands

end of a smartphone era: google puts android in new hands

Android boss and father andy rubin will take up a new job within the company. "Andy has decided it’s time to hand over the reins and start a new chapter at google," page wrote in a company blog on wednesday. He was silent about the exact reasons for the change and the new tasks.

Sundar pichai, who is responsible for the chrome browser, the chrome OS computer operating system and the google apps office applications, will be his successor as head of android. He is taking on the new post in addition to his previous duties. With this, google brings together the operating systems that were previously developed side by side in the hands of one manager. It’s not easy to step into andy rubin’s shoes," wrote group CEO page. "But i am convinced that sundar will do a great job."

Rubin and pichai had not been able to agree on a common strategy for google operating systems in recent months. Android and chrome were developed separately, although they serve similar purposes. Observers see the appointment as an attempt by google chief page to better coordinate the development of the two systems with a unified leadership in the future.


Daimler faces tough times: “stronger headwinds”

Daimler faces tough times: 'stronger headwinds'

According to a works council spokeswoman, the staff had already received it in summer. The carmaker anticipates a drop in operating profits in its passenger car division due to flat sales in europe and announced a cost-cutting program. However, daimler did not yet want to say to what extent the employees will be affected.

"The more impassable the terrain, however, the more difficult it is to drive." The more important it will be to keep our own "pack" together as easy as possible," wrote zetsche in the letter. "Every euro we spend on expendable items is one euro less for our competitiveness."The "financial times deutschland" had previously reported that the planned savings package was worth 1 billion euros. A daimler spokesman did not want to comment on the figure.

Company and union sources said on friday that neither job cuts nor short-time work were planned. In response to a dpa inquiry, the spokeswoman for the daimler works council explained that there had been no talk of cutting personnel costs. The same is true for the total sales package.