Tens of thousands of russians protest against putin’s policies

Tens of thousands of russians protest against putin's policies

More than 20,000 people attended the first "march against the villains" on sunday in downtown moscow alone, independent observers estimated. In st. Petersburg and many other cities, opponents of the government shouted "shame on the scoundrels"!"Russia without putin!"And "freedom for political prisoners!".

This first anti-government action of the year was directed against putin’s most recently signed ban on the adoption of russian children by u.S. Citizens. Prominent opposition politicians such as sergei udalzov, boris nemtsov and gennady gudkov, in addition to the many burghers, called on the kremlin to continue to allow adoptions, especially to give the many disabled among the orphans a decent future.

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“Hutburger” close to pegida leaves saxon police force

The pegida supporter who drew the controversial police action against the ZDF in dresden quits his job at the saxon state criminal investigation department (LKA) and leaves the police force. This was announced by the authorities on thursday.

In the LKA there had been a conversation with the tariff employee and his lawyer. With his consent, the employee will now "perform another, adequate activity outside of the police saxony". The delegation will be sent to the 3. September 2018 effective.

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