Double backflip at the hall

double backflip at the hall

In the almost never-ending story of a multipurpose hall in kitzingen, another chapter is opened. It is quite possible that the dual gymnasium with multi-purpose use on the deuster site, which was approved in november 2012, will come under fire in the process.

A majority of the city council has requested that old decisions be rescinded and that all alternatives be put on the table once again. Goal: to give school sports a home as quickly as possible.

"We have to turn the wheel back once again." Astrid glos SPD spokeswoman

The hall next to the stadium, which can no longer be used for this purpose, is to be rebuilt. Hedwig school had drawn the discussion a little over two years ago. The applicants seem to see the solution in the renovation of the old hall for school sports and the search for new possibilities for a multi-purpose hall.

At the meeting of the city council on thursday, 5. February, the next step in the project, currently estimated at around seven million euros, on the site between the northern bypass and mainstockheimer strabe will be discussed. A feasibility study is available. In a first reaction to the motion, burgermeister siegfried muller spoke of a "double backflip".

In the meeting, all variants were presented, which the administration was to develop on behalf of the city council. But it will also be about the motion and thus the demand of SPD spokeswoman astrid glos with a view to the costs: "we have to turn the wheel back again."

Glos is not alone. 16 of the 30 city councillors (the mayor is number 31 in the committee) signed the motion. Goal: repeal the city council resolutions of 8. November 2012 and 23. January 2014. In 2012, a majority of 23 votes to six had decided to build a dual gymnasium with multi-purpose use on the deustergrund site.

A year ago, a narrow decision was made, with 14 votes to 13, not to pursue offers for a multipurpose hall from the operators of the innopark (larson barracks) and the connekt business park (harvey barracks). Both resolutions are to be repealed. All options for building a hall at the current location or on the deuster site, but also in former US properties, are to be put to the vote again.

The application is justified with the development since 2012 and with many open questions. This applies to the unclear costs of the new hall. In addition, the possibilities for an event hall on the conversion areas have not been "finally negotiated". A new offer has been made by innopark, which now – unlike in the past – includes the possibility of a purchase. In addition, the sale of the marshall heights housing development is imminent. Here, too, an object could offer itself as an event hall.

In addition, a conversion of the deanery center in schrannenstrabe is again on the table, and the church congregation of st. Johannes has signaled his willingness to talk.

At the end, the signatories emphasize that they are not interested in delaying tactics. The goal is to implement school sports as quickly as possible, as closely as possible and within a financially feasible framework. But a quick solution is only possible at the old location.

If the 16 city councillors stand by their motion on thursday, an attempt to build a multi-purpose or city hall in kitzingen would have failed for the umpteenth time. This is possible, especially since the kitzingen community initiative (KIK) is using the motion as an opportunity to reintroduce its proposal for a near-natural burgerpark on the flat area near the city.

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