Everything for the cat: stay cool, dude!

Everything for the cat: stay cool, dude!

The just-so day on today's 27. August is a day to let funfe be straight. You have to practice it, many have forgotten it.

One who is pretty good at this (and does it all year round) is editorial tomcat wuschel. Besides various editorial tasks such as opening and distributing house mail on the floor, sitting in office chairs, catching computer mice and proofreading, he is responsible for one thing in particular: spreading good humor and winning others over ("yo, pet me!")!" – "no." – "meow" – "ok.").

In an interview, the well-read cat explains what keeps him busy and why it makes sense to let the sun shine on your fur from time to time, even if it's cloudy at the moment.

Frankischer tag: wuschel, you've been a member of the editorial team of the frankischer tag habberge for over two years now. How have you settled in?

Wuschel: I must say it is quite ok. Luckily I'm not here full time, so it's quite bearable. You are all nice people, but eight or nine hours the whole pipapo, no, I do not need that. Can you pet me for a minute, please?? …Since so behind the ear… Further right…Right there…Ah, thanks.

Maybe another treat? Gladly. But it depends on what it is. Show me. – (reporter digs out a treat) – boah, no, leave it alone. Have you ever looked at the ingredients list?? Salmon substitute from salmon by-products with leftovers from salmon substitute by-products production. You are also for nothing to spare.

So hor mal, that was well meant!

Well meant? Probably at lunch still eaten half a chicken for two euros, what? Think about it, how that should work: a chicken that has to be fed, slaughtered, gutted, spiced, roasted and put in the store: for two euros? Pah, the norwegian forest cat hairs stand up with me there!

We wanted to talk about lassitude and you give a lecture about reprehensible standards and lack of morals in the food industry? Well, if you do not do it…Someone has to do it. So, what do you suggest? Should we all breed chickens again, or how?? For example. Or buy directly from the farmer who lets his chickens peck outdoors. I say: stay regional where possible. Best locally. Well, I still catch my own mice, so at least I know what's in them. Ok, I have become a bit lazy lately. I like to be fed by my people, the stuff is just delicious. But everything is bought locally. There I put value on it! I leave the food also sometimes hard as nails, if I notice that there is dirt in it.

Bravo, you do not have to worry about much, so you have enough time to think about it. How come you write so much??

I read a lot of newspapers.

The french day…

Yeah, that one too. But I think you could have included a lot more topics and put in a lot more information.

Reporter(annoyed): you already know that we are busy and the newspaper is published daily? Why don't you write something for us??

But you already know that I am a cat? Have you ever seen a cat write an article??


See. Meow. Please stroke me briefly, behind the ear. – thanks. But I want to be taken seriously as a reader.

Ok, tell me, what would you like to read more often in the newspaper??

You write too little about cats. Recently, for example, was in eltmann a supra-regional stray cat festival, there were easily 200 species comrades there, we have celebrated two days long. There was rat on the spit, mouse stew, live music. Great fun. But I have seen no one from the press. It should be reported!

Wuschel, you can't write a newspaper report about every cat party…

You can't? I guess I have to change my subscription.

You do not have a subscription. You pick up the newspaper every morning free of charge from the editorial office and want to be stroked for it… Kitty, kitty, it's okay. I like you anyway. Let's change the subject? You wanted to ask me something about lassitude, which I'm losing a little bit.

Yeah, so today is just-so-day. You should just do what you want to do. We noticed that every day you do whatever you feel like doing.

Most of the time I'm just lying around thinking about my life. I do not let you make me crazy! I am also nice to people. And guess what happens next?? They are nice to me too! I'm surprised that not everyone does it the way I do. Maybe it's because you're a house cat, you don't have any children, you don't have to drive anyone anywhere or pick anyone up, and the family you live with is just really nice to you and takes care of everything. Yes, it's true, not everyone has it as good as i do. But just for information: what actually makes me free and carefree is that I don't own anything at all. Nothing belongs to me. So i don't have to worry about someone taking it away from me either. That is freedom. But you people tick differently… Jo, wuschel, that's how it is. Thanks for your tips! Gladly! Interview: andreas losch

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