Focus on children with disabilities

focus on children with disabilities

The service celebrated by pastor roland neher on the day of the epiphany marked the end of the collection campaign of the almost 30 carol singers of the parish "our dear lady", who were supervised by pastoral assistant thomas reich, which raised 5871 euros.

Reference to the gospel

In his sermon, the pastor referred to the gospel of mathew, which deals with the meeting of herod, king of judah, with the three wise men from the east. The pastor pointed out that the ruling class at that time, such as the high priests, knew about the event in bethlehem but did not go there.

Becoming active yourself

Herod also used only the three wise men to find out more about the events in bethlehem. This should lead us to the realization that it is not enough to learn what is important, but that one must become active oneself. Only if you set out on the way, you can find god. Thomas reich, like the pastor, thanked the carol singers who not only brought god’s blessing to homes and people, but also collected a lot of money for needy children around the world as a sign of charity, this year focusing on children with disabilities. They are often neglected, discriminated against and marginalized, especially in poor countries. He also thanked the parents of the carol singers, who contributed in various ways. Alfred thieret

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