For economics minister zeil, it’s all about the sausage

for economics minister zeil, it's all about the sausage

Bratwurst is better, or weibwurst?? No question for the bavarian minister of economics martin zeil (FDP). "Every region has its specialties. Here I eat bratwurst, in munich I eat weibwurst."

For the sixth time, the upper bavarian is on a bratwurst tour in upper franconia to talk to burgers, entrepreneurs and representatives of the municipalities. Yesterday it stopped in coburg, kronach and lichtenfels. And everywhere there was a sausage.

"Each one tastes different, but all of them taste good", he judges diplomatically. "I always say: enjoy the bratwurst where you are at the moment." Whether he could tell them apart blindly, he does not know. "But I can already see the differences from region to region. Some are coarser, others finer, and they are differently flavored. And of course there are different ways to fry them, over charcoal or over an open fire."

He is a bratwurst gourmet, but not only since his annual bratwurst tours, he says. "My mother-in-law comes from treuchtlingen, she has already introduced me to the art of the bratwurst." The wurzigen sausages from central franconia therefore also tasted very good to him.

After the tour there is no more bratwurst for now. "There I make then already a break, also weight-mabig. But it’s not like i couldn’t watch bratwurst for the rest of the year." It’s good that he doesn’t lose his appetite so quickly, because today he’s in kulmbach, hof, hirschaid and weilersbach, and on saturday in bayreuth.

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