Hebdorf builds hard for its up-and-coming generation

The renovation of the elementary school in hannberg is also proceeding step by step. Mayor horst rehder (BB) informed the council that the grant applications had now been submitted to the government of central franconia. In preparation for the renovation, however, planning is also continuing; for example, in the course of the general renovation, drainage is to be laid along the parts with basements.
The heimbucher office had already been commissioned with the pollutant investigation, is dealing with the building ground investigation and also offered the necessary planning services for dimensioning the drainage system. The planning services were also awarded to the nurnberg office for just under 1400 euros.
The order for the creation of the escape and rescue plan was also on the agenda. They are prepared for just under 1200 euros by the company M-plan. The costs include the escape and rescue route tarpaulin and the fire brigade emergency tarpaulin.
During the preparation of the report on the renovation of the elementary school, the planning office urgently recommended that the condition of the sewer base lines be investigated and thus the performance of a TV sewer inspection was urgently required. This was carried out by the company roth rohr-reinigung from nurnberg at a cost of around 5000 euros.
After an inspection of the screeds, it became apparent that the screed was in a state of disrepair in many places. At the instigation of the planners, an independent institute was therefore to be commissioned to take samples and carry out the testing. With only partial replacement, the planners are hoping for cost savings and also a shortening of the time required for tree removal.
In accordance with the cost offer, tuv rheinland/LGA bautechnik from nurnberg will carry out the taking and testing of the screed samples for just under 8000 euros.

More changes

Changes are also required in the planning of the after-school care center. The planning was coordinated with the kindergarten supervision of the district office erlangen-hochstadt. This revealed that the requirements for the community's target of 76 to 80 after-school care places require a coherent spatial program. The planned use of the school kitchen as an after-school room was refused because all the rooms in the room program are to be accommodated in the after-school room within a coherent flat area.

Concept adapted

That's why the plan is to add a classroom and a small part of the wabenbau auditorium to the hort area. The classroom that will be eliminated will be moved to the library, which will be moved to level one.
The seebachgrund hall is mainly used by the clubs in addition to the school. As an access regulation, the janitor has long wanted to equip the main access to the hall with a programmable locking cylinder.
As the mayor explained, at the moment all sports groups have their own key. The committee agreed to the proposal and the company ISGUS will supply and install the necessary components for just under 2800 euros.

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