Klaus keller takes over tsv munnerstadt

Klaus keller takes over tsv munnerstadt

Completely unexpectedly and unplanned, TSV munnerstadt is forced to change coaches. To the great regret of those responsible and the players, the previous coach thomas dietz had to resign for health reasons. "Which is a great pity, because we enjoyed working with him", explained player simon snaschel. "Thomas' retirement was a blow for us, and not just from a sporting point of view", confirmed head of department rainer schmittzeh, the club managers and players wish their former coach a speedy recovery and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his cooperation so far.

Charming task

In the search for a successor, the department management has come up with a solution at short notice. Until the end of the season, the team will be coached by klaus keller. The 52-year-old is no stranger to the soccer scene, having coached TSV rothlein for many years, and has regional knowledge "which was a key factor in our decision", according to sports director gunter scheuring. When asked about it, he explained that "I was not really tempted to return to the bench, but the task is appealing". Not only because of the sporting prospects. "As it is well known that the environment in munnerstadt is good, I decided to take over the team after a short period of consideration and consultation with my wife." Keller is well aware of the difficulty of the task. "I approach it with respect, although I will not reinvent the wheel. And there's no need for that, because I'm taking over a team that has grown and, in my opinion, has performed consistently in the preliminary round." TSV munnerstadt currently occupies third place in the eastern district league.

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