Kronenfest: siebenburgers uphold tradition

Kronenfest: siebenburgers uphold tradition

The worried looks of the guests of the crown festival of the "siebenburg saxons in the herzogenaurach ponds brooks proved to be ungrounded. It remained dry from above, only at the end it rained candy from the top of the crown tree. Its trunk climbs as a high point of the festival every year the altknecht, this year the 18-year-old sebastian fleischer.

This siebenburg tradition has become an integral part of the town's cultural calendar. In addition to the rough crown, there was also a children's crown, which was presented for the first time on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the company. The crown was tied on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the nurnberg district association. The saxons of siebenburg wanted to introduce the children and young people to the tying of the crown. The regular meetings within the framework of the neighborhood give some people the strength to overcome homesickness and strengthen the cohesion of the compatriots in herzogenaurach and the surrounding area. For the children and young people, they are a framework in which the siebenburg community can be cultivated and passed on.

The costumes remained dry
Gerhard berner, chairman of the siebenburg folk dance group, recalled in his speech the origin of the festival, namely that the field workers should strengthen themselves again before the harvest.
Despite the dark, threatening clouds, the colorful costumes finally stayed dry, and the groups were able to perform their dances. With a joyful march and to the sound of the siebenburg brass band of nurnberg under the direction of michael bielz, the traditional costumes of siebenburg, banat, france and silesia opened the afternoon, which was preceded by a festive service in the weihersbach creek.

The dance and folklore ensemble ihna from erlangen revealed its pomeranian roots, and the loisachtaler from welkenbach held the french flag high. The influx of the siebenburger saxons to herzogenaurach began in 1983, and the city of herzogenaurach and the protestant church in particular made efforts with many volunteers to help the emigrants.

Rough gig for tim
After sebastian fleischer had taken a breather in the lofty heights and then regained his footing, he danced the waltz of honor around the tree with the old maid andrea korse and the young servant, eight-year-old tim finke and his young maid antonia welther. After that, eight-year-old tim made his rough appearance. He freely and confidently expressed his pride and joy in the children's crown and thanked them for the preservation of this precious object. The "old servant in his address, thanked the farmers who had so diligently tilled the field, god who had allowed the seed to ripen, and loved the candy raining from the crown.

Afterwards, the performances of the dance groups began on the kirchweih podium, and the hunger could be satisfied with delicacies from the grill, but also with agnethelner baumstriezeln and hanklich siebenburger style.

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