Lions demand theater visits

Lions demand theater visits

The bad kissingen lions club makes it possible: in the 2019/20 season, eighth-graders from the bad kissingen state secondary school will again be able to see three performances at the schloss mabbach theater. In addition to attending the performances, there will be debriefings, meetings with actors and tours of the theater. In addition, the students write reviews about the plays they have seen, according to julia kren, the theater pedagogue in mabbach.

Three plays visited

Rainer-maria geisler, president of the bad kissingen lions club, and past-president wolfgang dunisch met at the theater with the deputy principal of the secondary school, julia waldner, and teacher jorg schwerteck, as well as theater director anne maar and the theater pedagogue, to discuss the final details of this event, for which the lions club is raising around 3500 euros from its coffers. Around 150 schoolchildren from six classes, a few more than last year, go to the theater this time thanks to the initiative of the lions club. In the 2018/19 school year, which has just ended, the realschule students visited three very different plays to experience the whole range of what theater has to offer.

In the intimate theater they saw the drama "biedermann and the arsonists" by max frisch, in the theater im pferdestall the youth play "nachtblind" (night blind) by darja stocker and finally in the open-air stage the comedy "we are the new" based on the film by ralf westhoff. In the new school year, a wide variety of plays were chosen for the high school students to introduce them to the diversity of the theater. In the intimate theater you can see theodor storms stuck "the rider of the white horse, the comedy "honey in the head" at the open-air theater after the film by til schweiger as well as in the horse stable another piece, which still has to develop and for which there is only a working title so far (according to julia kren).

"We were simply thrilled by what was on offer here" said wolfgang dunisch. That’s why the lions club decided "we don’t invest in things, we invest in people, which also benefits the theater". Rainer-maria geisler explained "the schoolchildren experience the theater live here. It’s nice that the teachers immediately joined in". The students could experience the theater directly on site "and then the actors also talk to them, which breaks down cultural barriers and offers valuable experiences". At first, the schoolchildren were quite respectful of the actors, but then they thawed out quite quickly.

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