Local supply: still no butcher in sight in wallenfels

The future of local amenities in wallenfels was discussed at an event held by the local CSU association at the youth center. "My heart bleeds when there's a good artisan baker in wallenfels and someone comes from netto with baked rolls", said the head baker, gerhard loffler. He took part in the discussion round, as did the chairman of the district medical association uwe fleischmann, master butcher eberhard kraus and the chairwoman of the senior citizens' association bianca fischer-kilian.

Advertise at master schools

At the beginning, the chairwoman of the women's union, sibylle fugmann, who moderated the discussion, asked how the gap between town and country can be bridged. Eberhard kraus, a butcher from kronach, who was asked about a branch after the closure of the last butcher's store in floberstadt, said that he had a lot to do in kronach and that his succession was not assured there either, so he could not take on any more work at the age of 58. As an advantage in wallenfels he sees that butchery buildings are still available, perhaps one could make intensive advertising for it at the master schools, after all, an "initial equipment" costs also a lot of money. As an overprint you could also include a vending cart in the considerations.

The baker's chief gerhard loffler took a similar view, appealing in particular to the buying behavior of the local burghers. Because of the quantities purchased, you simply can't compete with the big players. While some large-scale enterprises produce a million pieces a day without taking them into their hands, the local baker produces just 100 pieces in the same period, according to loffler. In wallenfels, the burghers still had it in their own hands to keep their backer, he said.

No more individual practices

Doctor uwe fleischmann said that not only are there fewer people, but the existing ones are also getting older and older. Good medical care is therefore indispensable. Especially in the north of the county seat, there are already difficulties in filling vacancies for doctors. Young colleagues often shy away from independence with its high economic risk. Individual practices in each village will not be possible for a long time to come. A consolidation into "rough practices" was conceivable. Telemedicine will also be inevitable. He could well imagine that in the future three or four doctors will share a practice with two positions and will be active alternately. Eva muller and doctor ulrich voigt drew attention to telemedicine, which plays a pioneering role in wallenfels.

"If we do not manage to ensure the basic supply, more and more people will turn their backs on the country", said mayor jens korn. Especially in the search for a butcher, where he has so far had countless conversations, the lack of sales staff is also a problem.

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