Muller car driver prevents a major fire in neundorf

Muller car driver prevents a major fire in neundorf

Thanks to the presence of mind of the driver of a garbage truck transporting waste paper, several residents of the "zum fortschentor" street were saved in the weitramsdorf suburb of neundorf were saved from more serious fire damage. The driver noticed smoke coming from his vehicle, immediately steered the mull car to the edge of town and alerted the fire department. The fire departments arrived immediately, they came from neundorf, altenhof, weitramsdorf, and dietersdorf.
The paper in the hold was on fire and smoke was billowing out of the mull car. The fire brigade quickly rolled out its hoses in the nearby river tambach in order to be prepared for a possible fire of the entire vehicle and to be able to extinguish the fire. In addition, the hydraulic hoses were disconnected. Breathing apparatus ready for possible use.

Cause unknown

To extinguish the fire in the interior, the rear flap of the vehicle had to be opened, which was associated with difficulties. A farmer's wheel loader was called in; this device was used to lift the flap by force. We can only speculate about the cause of the fire, said thomas schelhorn, commander of the weitramsdorf fire department.
He almost ruled out a fire in a previously emptied green trash can. Rather, it was a technical defect in the vehicle, he said.

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