Homeland friends have lifted up the lock keeper’s house

homeland friends have lifted up the lock keeper's house

Josef hofbauer the little lock-keeper’s house in forchheim stands lonely, somehow out of time, at the crossroads of adenaueralle and bamberger-strabe. The facade of the building, which was erected around 1841, has been renovated. In addition, the building received new windows, wooden shutters painted light blue and a new door. The members of the heimatverein contributed about 33,000 euros to the project. The second half of the costs will be borne by the city of forchheim.

At the presentation of the work, dieter george, chairman of the local heritage society, recalled the history of the building. From here, a lock-keeper kept an eye on shipping traffic on the forchheim section of the 172.4-kilometer canal, which was officially completed in 1840. The former level of the canal and the stairs leading down to the back of the house can still be seen in the color of the masonry on the front side of the house today.

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Accident perpetrator cycles drunk back to the scene of the crime

Two accidents occurred in the district of forchheim during the course of saturday, the cause of which is to be attributed to excessive alcohol influence.

This morning on the B 470 near weilersbach, a witness saw a citroen in front of her veer off the road to the right and hit a delineator post. Although the vehicle lost its right wing mirror, the driver continued his journey in the direction of forchheim.

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