Corona charges life insurance companies

Corona charges life insurance companies

The corona crisis is having an impact on private retirement provision: the major european insurer allianz on friday reported a sharp drop in its life insurance sales this year, as competitors of the munich-based dax group had previously done.

In germany, the industry leader sold new life insurance policies worth 117 million euros in the third quarter, down almost 39 percent on the previous year. In the U.S. And also in italy, the decline was similar; the only increase was in the asia-pacific region.

Overall, allianz’s premium income in the life/health segment fell by 9.4 percent to 16.8 billion euros. The company attributed this, without elaboration, to covid-19 and "active steering". "You have to put things into perspective a bit," chief financial officer giulio terzariol said of the figures. Life insurance business had been particularly good in the previous year. "I am confident that we will see good numbers again (in this area) in the future."


Tough fronts ahead of brexit negotiations

Tough fronts ahead of brexit negotiations

Ahead of brexit negotiations, the european union and great britain are on a confrontation course. The 27 remaining EU states rallied behind their common position in rare unity at a special summit over the weekend, but got a rebuff in london.

Prime minister theresa may opposes the EU’s core demands. The EU commission is therefore very skeptical about the talks, which are to begin after the british parliamentary elections in june.

German chancellor angela merkel and her eu colleagues at the brussels summit on saturday said they were delighted that they had reached unanimous agreement on their guidelines within a matter of minutes. We want to speak with one voice," said merkel afterwards. This does not mean, however, that one is against grobbritannien verbunde. A united eu is also favorable for the british government.


Muller car driver prevents a major fire in neundorf

Muller car driver prevents a major fire in neundorf

Thanks to the presence of mind of the driver of a garbage truck transporting waste paper, several residents of the "zum fortschentor" street were saved in the weitramsdorf suburb of neundorf were saved from more serious fire damage. The driver noticed smoke coming from his vehicle, immediately steered the mull car to the edge of town and alerted the fire department. The fire departments arrived immediately, they came from neundorf, altenhof, weitramsdorf, and dietersdorf.
The paper in the hold was on fire and smoke was billowing out of the mull car. The fire brigade quickly rolled out its hoses in the nearby river tambach in order to be prepared for a possible fire of the entire vehicle and to be able to extinguish the fire. In addition, the hydraulic hoses were disconnected. Breathing apparatus ready for possible use.

Cause unknown

To extinguish the fire in the interior, the rear flap of the vehicle had to be opened, which was associated with difficulties. A farmer's wheel loader was called in; this device was used to lift the flap by force. We can only speculate about the cause of the fire, said thomas schelhorn, commander of the weitramsdorf fire department.
He almost ruled out a fire in a previously emptied green trash can. Rather, it was a technical defect in the vehicle, he said.


Wish for flowers on the livestock market

Wish for flowers on the livestock market

There are many who would like to see more green in the livestock market. "In languages one is always asked about it", said norbert schaub, SPD spokesman. His faction had therefore submitted a motion a few weeks ago that the city should place plant cubes on the square. The motion now ran aground in the building, forestry and environment committee due to different design views.

"The trees are not yet very rough", explained schaub. Planting cubes would therefore provide additional quality of stay. It was a matter of creating an eye-catcher with something flowering, said his caucus colleague rita schaupp. According to the SPD’s proposal, the city should make the cubes available, and the fruit and garden association would take care of the maintenance and seasonal planting.

Elisabeth assmann (grune/bfu) supported the proposal. She said: "my concern would be more shade." She brought a "vertical reasoning" as well as raised beds and "urban gardening", the gardening use of small areas in the public space.


State election 2018: sebastian korber (fdp): “i am a conviction voter”

With the FDP it is a bit like with the FCN: once up, once down. Sebastian korber's career curve is exactly the same: in 2009 he became a member of the bundestag in berlin, and after one legislative term he was kicked out again in 2013 with the free democrats. He contested two OB election campaigns, but failed each time.Even if he himself is satisfied with his share of the vote – it's like fubball: close is also a miss. Now the 38-year-old is running as a direct candidate for the liberals in the upcoming state elections – should a black-yellow coalition be formed, possibly with the prospect of a ministerial office. Korber can only say this much: he is basically ready to take on responsibility. "But this is decided first by the voter, then by my party."

"The FDP will enter the state parliament – we will achieve eight percent", at least the direct candidate from forchheim is sure of one thing. "That's the value we already had in 2008.". It is important to win over the undecided voters. Korber is counting on the 15 percent of potential voters who said they could imagine voting for the FDP."I have to convince them with content."

Architect builds on the theme of building

It's no surprise that building is a central issue for sebastian korber. "I have been involved in this area since I was a student, i.E. For 20 years, the architect from forchheim emphasizes. The building sector is suffering from excessive standards in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection," explains the FDP director. This would drive up prices and also create an overflowing bureaucracy. In addition, korber criticizes the fact that almost unlimited time limits for filing lawsuits against construction projects have been opened in the context of environmental protection.It has been overslept to designate sufficient building land. This is the task of the municipalities. In forchheim, too, according to korber, it would have been possible to designate much more building land much earlier. Problems such as the excessively long duration of procedures or the excessively high construction costs can all be solved at the state level, emphasizes sebastian korber. His plea is: home ownership strong. Making construction more affordable. Abolish real estate transfer tax for the first owner-occupied property.


Despite nuclear turnaround: germany increases electricity exports

Despite nuclear turnaround: germany increases electricity exports

The net surplus of 22.8 terawatt hours (twh) was almost four times as high as in 2011, the federal statistical office in wiesbaden announced on tuesday.

In 2012, germany imported 43.8 terawatt hours (twh) via the european electricity grids. Foreign electricity suppliers – mainly from the netherlands, austria and switzerland – purchased 66.6 twh from germany. The value of electricity exports was 3.7 billion euros, and imports 2.3 billion euros. The bottom line was a generated electricity trading surplus of 1.4 billion euros.

The net amount of electricity exported is equivalent to the annual production of more than two nuclear power plants. In 2006 and 2008, there was a slightly higher plus in electricity sales, at 22.9 twh in both cases.


Annegret kramp-karrenbauer’s climate offensive

Annegret kramp-karrenbauer's climate offensive

On the weekend, as greta thunberg stands entombed in the hambach forest, annegret kramp-karrenbauer calls for climate protection "with optimism and openness, with a spirit of research and imagination".

A "national climate consensus" is needed, she demands in a detailed guest article in "welt am sonntag". Sustainable development should be anchored in the constitution as a state goal, as proposed by bavarian prime minister markus soder (CSU). The choice of kramp-karrenbauer’s co-author shows that his own faction is on board: CDU member of parliament andreas jung is currently tinkering with the union’s climate protection concept together with his counterpart from the CSU, georg nublein.

So after eight months as CDU chairwoman, kramp-karrenbauer goes on the climate offensive. When she took up her new post in december, she was clearly preoccupied with other issues: the legacy of angela merkel’s migration policy, with which many in her own party also have reservations, the reconciliation with her bavarian sister party, the CSU, the sharpening of the conservative profile.


Slight recovery in the labor market in the usa

Slight recovery in the labor market in the usa

After the dramatic collapse of the U.S. Economy due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a glimmer of hope for the first time again.

The unemployment rate fell from 14.7 percent the previous month to 13.3 percent in may, the u.S. Government announced friday. The number of people employed outside agriculture has increased by 2.5 million. The drop in unemployment came as a surprise: most analysts had expected it to rise to around 20 percent. The new york leading index dow jones rose in the morning (local time) at times by more than three percent to a good 27.000 points.

"The numbers are incredible," president donald trump told journalists in the weiben house garden. "This is a major step in our comeback," he said. The situation on the labor market has improved significantly, although there are still strict corona requirements in many states. The economy will soon grow like "a rocket" and once again be the "greatest" in the world, promised trump, who is running for a second term in november. The corona crisis was more "like a hurricane" – destructive, but you can recover from it quickly, trump said.


120,000 Cardiac deaths a year: the defibrillator can help

120,000 cardiac deaths a year: the defibrillator can help

For years, the annual christmas donation of the rehaklinik am kurpark in bad kissingen has gone to an institution, a needy individual or a project in the region. This time the clinic presented all guests and burgers of the spa town with a defibrilator, which has already been installed for a week in the passage between the fountain and walking hall. "We want to improve the medical infrastructure in bad kissingen", holger metz, commercial manager of the rehabilitation clinic, named the donation, which cost a total of 2033 euros and was realized by the bad kissingen center for telemedicine (ZTM) and the local forderverein health center.

"Four years ago, the ZTM launched its "AED offensive", project manager thomas schreiner said on friday at the official commissioning of the tenth automatic external defibrillator (AED) in the city center. The goal of the offensive is to have at least one such device in every town or village. "A defibrilator helps save lives, because sudden cardiac death can happen anywhere and at any time." The center for telemedicine has already installed more than 30 defibrilators in the county and neighboring areas – some with, but also without a direct telephone connection to the rescue control center in schweinfurt. While the device, which has long been installed on the outer wall of the arcade building, is connected to schweinfurt by telephone, this has not been done for the new device in the walking hall, which is only open during the day.

Help on demand

But even this simpler defibrilator fulfills all the requirements for combating life-threatening ventricular fibrillation and is very easy for any medical layman to operate in an emergency, assured schreiner. "You simply can’t go wrong." After the opening of the device, every single hand movement is announced to the first aider via audio tape. Even in the case of incorrect application, the electronically controlled device corrects the first aider with a corresponding announcement.


Deutsche bahn wants to grow with automatic coupling in good traffic

Deutsche Bahn wants to grow with automatic coupling in good traffic

Deutsche bahn wants to significantly increase its market share in freight transport with the introduction of an automatic coupler and become more competitive compared to trucks.

The aim is to increase the market share from 18 to 25 percent, which would correspond to 25 million truck trips per year, said sigrid nikutta, member of the executive board of guterverkehrs, at the presentation of prototypes of the new coupling in minden, westphalia, to dpa.

The research project to develop the digital automatic coupler is being funded by the federal ministry of transport to the tune of 13 million euros. In addition to the german railroads, the swiss and austrian guterbahn and private wagon owners are involved in the project. The aim is to have all good wagons in europe replaced by 2030. The costs for this are estimated at 1 to 1.5 billion euros in germany and a total of 6.5 to 8.5 billion euros in europe.