Several accidents in and around hochstadt

Several accidents in and around hochstadt

According to police, a rear-end collision involving three vehicles occurred on the B470 in hochstadt on tuesday afternoon. After two drivers heading out of town had to stop for traffic on the high side of the culture factory, another driver heading in the same direction recognized the situation too late and hit the car in front of him. This was still pushed by the force of the impact against the first vehicle, so that a total damage of 2.000 euro arose.

Hit and run
On tuesday, presumably in the time of 8.15 to 10.3 p.M., an as yet unknown driver crashed into a light pole on uttstadter strabe in aisch, damaging it so badly that it collapsed. To prevent a hazard for pedestrians, the mast had to be completely relocated by a fitter. The causing vehicle was presumably a truck or delivery van with yellow paint, since the collision site was at a height of 155 cm and corresponding paint abrasion was detected. Witnesses to the accident are asked to report to the hochstadt police department. The damage caused amounts to 1.200 euro.

Truck crashes into truck
5.000 euros in damage caused by a truck driver when he crashed his semitrailer into a truck parked next to it while parking in the industrial park in gremsdorf on tuesday evening.

Game accident
On wednesday morning, a car driver hit a deer that crossed the road in front of him on the county road between aisch and zentbechhofen. The animal was killed in the collision, and the car suffered property damage of 2.000 euros. Pole

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