Six new parking spaces in the old town of volkach

Six new parking spaces in the old town of volkach

It’s a nagging problem in volkach’s old town: there’s a lack of parking spaces at every turn. To ease the situation a bit, dag schroder, the city’s urban planning advisor, presented a solution at the youngest council meeting. A house that has been vacant for years at the corner of richard-haupt-strabe 1 and spitalstrabe, in the immediate vicinity of the burgerspital senior citizens’ center, is to be torn down to make way for six parking spaces and a mobile bicycle stand.

In the first of the two variants, schroder had drawn eight parking spaces, which were, however, quite narrow. Reduced to six seats in variant two, there is also room for the rough suvs, which increasingly dominate the street images. Alfred weissenseel’s suggestion to create the parking spaces in a sloping pattern was not very well received by schroder. "Then the vehicles had to be driven out backwards, which can be unclear at this point", he explained. Provided with two trees to plant, there would also be a bit more green in the city, he continued. From a purely visual point of view, the result is a "beautiful continuation of the trench", so barbara nikola-beer.

Actually schroder had planned seven parking spaces for bicycles. But the council has little sympathy for them. "In summer we need it there, but in winter we don’t, so why not a mobile radstander?", suggested peter kornell. The council members agreed, so that cyclists can now also park their bicycles at this location. Schroder put the cost of demolishing the house with disposal and the six new parking spaces, including a mobile bike stand, at 145,000 euros, which cannot be claimed because it is a side street. Nevertheless, the council unanimously approved this variant.

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